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Divided We Fall: Why Gamefowl Are Being Represented By The Losing Team By Darren U Talissen

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on June 9, 2013

( Editors Note: Gamefowlfacts forum has been deleted. )

It seems that every battle that is engaged between gamefowl enthusiasts and the various animal rights groups has the same result as the last. Of course, that result is the one with the HSUS or similar group laughing all the way to the bank, as we mourn the loss of yet another right.

As a group, we respond by joining chat sessions, posting to forums, or calling our counterparts. Regardless of the method of communication, the message is almost always the same. We lost because they told lies, they had more funds, or we were simply screwed.

All of those messages are true. Our enemies do not consider truth to be their best weapon, and they rarely use it. They are better funded, due to more donations. Finally we were simply screwed, but in most cases we were screwed by ourselves, or by each other. Let us scrutinize these three problems and discuss possible solutions.

First is the ever present problem of our enemies’ lack of honesty. Of course we all know the reasons for their lies, and that is our second dilemma, which is funds. If they were to tell the entire truth in regards to our beloved culture they would have far less supporters. Less supporters means less donations, which means lower paychecks for the officers of the company. Additionally, if they were to divulge the entire nature of our lifestyle I feel that they would have a lower degree of success in the passing of anti gamefowl legislation. If they fail enough times, their supporters will begin to doubt them and their donations will suffer.

At this point we have two choices, either we can sit quietly and watch as they step on even more of our rights, or we can dispel their rumors and prove them to be liars. I do not pretend to know all of the ways that we can end these myths, but the game-fowl live” project on this website is definitely a step in the right direction. We also need a few representatives, who are skilled “wordsmiths” to write editorials and send them to local newspapers, as well as submit to being interviewed by media sources. These individuals must be cunning and have a thought process rivaling that of a defense attorney, as the media will attempt to lure this person into “cutting off his nose to spite his face”. In order for these individuals to be able to do this it will take time and funds.

I would like to ask for some individuals who feel that they fit the above description to step forward and volunteer. I would also like to ask everyone who does not volunteer to pledge a monetary donation of whatever amount you can afford to support the representative of your choice. This donation would be sent directly to that individual to assist with the expenses that would be involved.

Our second dilemma is that we are underfunded, while our enemies are over-funded. This is a problem that probably can’t be completely ended until the first problem is remedied and their donations are beginning to decline. Until then, the only way we can assist is to donate to the UGBA. I have already gone deeply into the discussion of why we should all join and will not bore you by discussing it further.

Our third dilemma, is that we were simply screwed. This is definitely a problem that we face, however, in most cases we screwed ourselves, or were screwed by each other. Following is a list of ways that we screw ourselves and screw each other:

  1. When we label someone as an animal rights activist or “AR” when we do not have proof, we alienate that person. In one particular instance,
  2. We argue over every single thing we can think of to argue about. The gamefowlfacts forum is somewhat immune to this problem, though on Thanksgiving day I found a post where a member was accusing another member of recommending that people feed “poison” to their fowl. Luckily the member being accused promptly provided links proving the contrary before that person’s reputation was destroyed.
  3. We constantly provide excuses for our lack of participation on behalf of our community. I know that many of the excuses are valid, some are not well physically, others mentally, and still others are not well financially. Regardless of the situation, surely there is some way that you can assist in our fight. Hint: complaining that someone else has a bad idea or someone else failed is not assisting our fight.
  4. Most of us are not as game as our roosters. Most of us are a lot of talk, and not much action. This really seems strange to me because many of us will spend countless hours matching brood pens, toe marking our chicks, worming them regularly and mixing our feeds meticulously. We will spend many hours each night in the cockhouse with our conditioning rituals and wake up at 3 a.m. so that we aren’t late for the show. We will not hesitate to stay out all night in the rain or snow on the roof of the cock house watching for predators, but we will not spend a half hour writing a letter to a senator or representative. We will not spend the time to circulate a petition, and we will not ask a fellow cocker to join the UGBA.

In a nutshell, we are divided. If we are divided, then we cannot be described as a group, but many individuals. Many individuals who are being persecuted by a well funded group of tens of thousands. If we hope to gain any of the ground that we have lost, or stop losing ground we must unite and become a group. Only then will we be proving ourselves to be as game as our roosters.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

These are my opinions and I am Darren U. Talissen

Be as game as your roosters, and keep fighting the good fight.


2 Responses to “Divided We Fall: Why Gamefowl Are Being Represented By The Losing Team By Darren U Talissen”

  1. CraigD said

    Well said thank you.
    Craig D

  2. I would like for Darren U. Talissen to contact me as soon as possible please. or via
    “Keep the gamecocks crowing loud & proud in Alabama & across the United States”!
    Donnie Buchanan
    Alabama Gamefowl Breeders Association

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