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Training Cocks/Stags

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on June 9, 2013

Training Cocks/Stags

Posted by DocMoll on www.cockfightsonline Forum.   “Link Does Not Work Now

Now this is what works for me. Some will not agree with my methods. So with that said, A cock/stag must be trained. You cannot do this in pens or on a tie cord. They are great for getting them in shape, But that’s it.

Training a cock

First off you must train your cock/stag for the weapon you are going to be using. I am a gaff man, so I only train for the gaff.

1.) I want a bird to break, Now I don’t mean 5 foot in the air. I want him to cross the pit fast as he can. So how do we do this? First when sparing, bill them up and drop them about 2 foot apart. Let them hit, and pick them up. Do not let them roll around for a long time. Remember you are teaching them to break. Just let them hit one or two times. After the first drop wait about 30 seconds and drop them about 3 feet apart and remember to just let them hit one or two times. Then move to 4 feet and so on. I think you get my point.

Now you still will have some that doesn’t want to break very well. When I get one that does this I hold him on the ground by his legs and turn a very aggressive cock lose on him. He can’t fight and gets beat on pretty bad, ( So he is good and mad ) Now after this is done, keeping him focused on the other cock. Rest him for 30 seconds, Then pit him with the other cock. After a few times of this he should get the idea. If I can’t get one to break, HE IS GONE. A cock/stag must break in todies competition.

2.) A cock/stag must hit from all angles, not just head on. So the way you train them to do this is take a dummy cock. Tie his wings together so he can’t flap them. Also tie his legs together so he can’t move around. Take him to the cock/stag and put him down back wards, sideways, upside down, etc. This will get them to hitting at another cock/stag from all angles. It will also get them to hit down cocks/stags more aggressively. It seems curl but it is very affective.

Number 1 and 2 should be done before entering the main keep.

3.) A cock/stag should know how to get off of his back in the pit. The longer he lays on his back the faster his lung fill with fluids in a fight. So you need to teach them how to do this as it is unnatural for them to be in this possession. Lay him on his back and see if he rows over to get back on his feet. Some will do it right off and some won’t. So take and give him a little push from the left or right side. He will figure it out pretty quick. I do this through out the main keep.

4.) You should not spar cock/stags for a long period of time. 1 minute is long enough. Never spar them for long period of time in the main keep. As it takes time to recover. Now think about it, Example: You go out tonight and pick a fight with someone in a bar and roll around with him for a while. I mean beat the hell out of each other. See how long it takes you to get over the soreness, stiffness, and the little aches and pains.

This is just a few tip for you. Some may think my ways are crazy, But I know they work. Having a cock/stag in great shape is great, But they better know what to do with it.



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