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To other Sportsman

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on May 22, 2013

Gamecock Breeders looks at Cockfighting the same way Fisherman look at Fishing, Trappers Look at trapping, Falconry looks at falconry, hunters look at hunting. It is an ancient art and heritage; It is a culture lifestyle that has been handed down for thousands of years. We all have families that we love very much and that we love to share our heritages with whether it is in a tree stand or the chicken yard.

As more and more felony laws get past the Hsus and other animal right extremists are turning our Country into another Nazi Germany and will help in the downfall of our once great nation. These laws all sound go on paper, But when you can put a man in jail for five years and stop him from taking care of his family for fighting two birds that want to fight anyhow your Country is already on the down fall. Hitler’s Animal Rights Campaign

The Hsus uses Propaganda to divide us and the sad thing is it works most of the time. People sit back and thank what they do is some how more righteous, ethical, morally right and justifiable than the other person. I do not know if it is out of fear or ignorance that people do this

The fisherman uses hooks, the hunter uses lead or razor bladed arrows, the trapper uses leg hold steel traps, the Falconer pit one animal against another, and the Cockfighters uses a Gaff or knives. Do I thank any of these are cruel NOT AT ALL. I have done and do most of them.

The Hsus and other animal right extremists thanks that they are all cruel. Just look at what they are saying about Hound Hunting and look at what they have done to Hound Hunting in California. I am a Hound hunter and I can see that they are doing the same thing to Hounds as they did to Gamecocks. Please do not fall for the Hsus Propaganda

We have to stop looking at each other as different and ban together to save our culture lifestyles.

Hsus and other animal right extremists are going to slowly take away our Rights, our Heritage, and our culture lifestyle one by one by divide and conquer. If we keep thinking the way the Hsus wants us to thank. We have to become one voice with one goal Protecting everyone’s rights, Heritages, and culture lifestyles.

I am not writing this article to argue the ethics of hunting, fishing or trapping I thank they are all ethical. I am writing this in hopes that some people will stop thanking they are more morally justifiable than other groups and remember we all have ONE enemy and that is the animal right extremists and most of all the HSUS

 I am not writing this in hopes you will take up Gamecock breeding; I just want you to realize that our Heritage is as old and honorable as yours and we need your help, it’s just a phone call, e-mail, or letter.

Gamecocks Unlimited


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