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Archive for April, 2013

Prayers for all the victims in Boston

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on April 15, 2013

God Please bless the victims of the tragedy in Boston. Bless their families and Friends.


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Start a local Gamecock Club

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on April 11, 2013


Locate all cockers that you know with in your living area. You could make it within two or three counties and form an organization. Call it the _ _ _ _ _ county gamefowl association or something similar. Print up some t-shirts with your club’s name them and wear them at any group function.

Use the group to, swap ideas, Help spread information on all animal issues, set up networks, and help promote gamefowl in your area through recruiting new breeders, and engage in public activities that will put us in a positive light.

Some examples

  • Hold fundraisers for the state GBA
  • Form a softball team or a bowling team.
  • Your group could sell Sweepstakes and raffle tickets if laws permit.
  • Your group could enter the local chili cook off and give the prize to a needy family,
  • You could do food drives for you local Church,
  • You could build a booth for the local fall festival handing out pro-gamefowl information and selling chicken sandwiches.
  • Sponsor a youth soccer team
  • Donate some birds to an FFA student.
  • Your Kids could have a bake sell to make Money
  • You could do an aluminum can drive to make money
  • You could hold a Gamecock exhibit to let people see the Gamecock.

The list goes on, but if there were to be a group like this in every county in the nation, you would see a definite difference in the progress of our agenda.

Also, set up or find a lawyer that you can call on as a group if something comes up. Be prepared take little time but now you have some firepower if time comes. It cost very little to give a call to a lawyer and tell them you raise gamefowl and what someone to call if they come after you.

You could also try to find a few people who are not into Gamefowl to join your group, like Hunters, anglers, Trappers, businessmen, Etc. Members should be registered voters that don’t mind their names being used in your County, State capital or Washington.

Everyone could start a small personal website telling people what you stand for, the history of the Gamecock and its Heritage. Your website should include a page about the animal rights. Your website should be will thought out, professional looking, Spell checked, and to the point.


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