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State Wastes Money Busting Cockfighters

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on March 20, 2013

State Wastes Money Busting Cockfighters

Letter To The Editor

By Randy Peralta
special to Mountain Mail

May 14, 2009


SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) —

To the Editor:

Here I go again. As the state spends so much time and effort busting cockfighters, don’t you think law enforcement officers should spend their time busting more serious crimes?

It takes $10,000 per bust, all the officers and overtime of taxpayers’ money to catch honest people, all for a non-felony crime. They spend all this time and effort trying to prevent people from cockfighting. In the law and media’s view, preventing a cockfight saves the roosters. Not exactly!

After all the roosters have been seized, they figure out that these creatures are born to fight. They spend all this money for “animal welfare,” then kill the roosters. Why don’t they say all this on their news broadcast, that they are defeating the purpose of saving roosters?

No matter if the rooster dies in a fight or by death by law enforcement after a so-called “rescue effort,” dead is dead, no matter how you look at it.

Who stands to gain by busting cockfighters? Busting cockfighters is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. Not unless they are getting paid through secret funds from the Humane Society.

I really think this needs to get looked into. In such hard economic times, how can they afford this price tag? I’m sure that if a statewide poll was conducted, 99.9 percent would be more comfortable living near a cockfighter than a meth lab. For starters, roosters don’t explode, but meth labs do! I would rather smell rooster poop than the harmful gasses that a meth lab produces.

Members of the last graduating class of the state police academy didn’t have jobs because of budget issues. Who supplies the current $10,000 price tag to bust cockfighters?

I wish New Mexico law enforcement all the luck in the world to bust all the illegal activities that occur in our state.

If honest people are your likely target, I would start at an Ultimate Fighting Championships Pay-Per-View party or an NFL party for illegal gambling. That’s what cockfighters are most famous for – illegal gambling. During your bust of a Super Bowl or UFC fight, you stumble onto some drugs, too! No need to go undercover or in uniform; more than likely you are one of the guests at such parties.

Take your hidden camera and put it on the news for everyone to see. No matter if it’s a party or a cockfight, you enter as an honest friend, unless you have the Humane Society’s $1,000 reward and stay in the shadows and betray everyone for the motivation of money.

I’m sure you know the state of New Mexico can’t afford it, so collect from someone who can afford it and don’t expect a raise from us taxpayers; we can’t afford it either.

The latest was a bust in Bloomfield. How do they determine that they busted a cockfighting ring? Do they interview the roosters?

There is no state law that prohibits the raising of game roosters. The law states you have to be caught in the act of cockfighting or get caught with the weapons and roosters, which is considered evidence of the intent to have a cockfight.

Congratulations to our home-grown horse that just won the Kentucky Derby. All you horse lovers need to go read what the Humane Society thinks about horse racing and rodeos. They won’t fight the rodeo or horseracing people, because those sports have money and lots of it.

Little by little, they will begin to make you fight for your right to your way of life and defend what you do, if they can ban a sport with a 3,000-year history.

United States presidents participated in cockfighting. It has been said that President Lincoln was called Honest Abe because he was a cockfighting referee. The gamecock was one vote shy of becoming our national bird. The gamecock was most noted for his bravery and ability to never give up.

All animals fight, including us humans! More human fights occur every day than cockfights. I applaud the man who posts the messages on his fence in Magdalena to spray Round Up on Bush. The state of New Mexico needs to spray Round Up on all the pot-growers’ plants, too. Invest that $10,000 in Round Up!

The state has found a way to make pot legal, so why can’t they find a way to leave all honest taxpaying gamecock breeders alone? Go after the real lawbreakers. Honest people have nothing to hide, which makes them an easy target. Also, being honest ensures the state will get its money for the petty fines and trumped-up charges they impose on us.

The Humane Society states it is trying to save animals from going extinct, and on the other hand kills gamecocks and seizes them illegally, never returning them to their owners, all for no wrongdoing. Law enforcement agencies and the Humane Society never post or broadcast that on the news. If your roosters are seized and no wrongdoing was proved and they killed your roosters, they should be held financially responsible to compensate you for their mistake.

The Humane Society’s goal is to make the gamecock extinct and eliminate all the historic breeds that our forefathers handed down to us. Cockfights were held at the White House and many of our presidents were cockfighers.

The Humane Society’s goal is for us to eat lettuce and carrots for supper and soon go erase Honest Abe’s face off Mt. Rushmore. The Humane Society says it is never going away. Neither are us gamecock breeders! We will fight you to the end and you may have more money, but we have more truth!

The truth is worth more than any amount of money and it will expose all these crooked interest groups and urge them to quit controlling how people think. Thank you for reading,

Randy Peralta



One Response to “State Wastes Money Busting Cockfighters”

  1. r.valenciano said

    and thats the honest truth..sorry to say that all this cock sucker.sorry…cock lover(as what they pretend to show everybody)cannot see it that way..they never breed gamefowl..or probably never even hold one till they suddenly turned animal lover,who can better look after them fowls than a breeder..most of the time this magnificent specie receive more better treatment than ourselves… many of this so called animal lover ,wakes up early in the morning..just to make sure ,they got their exercise,proper feeds.and massage them before they go to work?fighting cocks received more better attention in breeders hand.than this so called animal rights movement..i say,this group of people are all hypocrite ..they are bored individuals..cant do nothing colorful with their life,so they put legitimate people in misery..i wish it will happen to day…what they dont know is that ,the gamefowl for us is like a member of our family.. we caress them more often than we caress our wife..

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