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Archive for March, 2013

State Wastes Money Busting Cockfighters

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on March 20, 2013

State Wastes Money Busting Cockfighters

Letter To The Editor

By Randy Peralta
special to Mountain Mail

May 14, 2009


SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) —

To the Editor:

Here I go again. As the state spends so much time and effort busting cockfighters, don’t you think law enforcement officers should spend their time busting more serious crimes?

It takes $10,000 per bust, all the officers and overtime of taxpayers’ money to catch honest people, all for a non-felony crime. They spend all this time and effort trying to prevent people from cockfighting. In the law and media’s view, preventing a cockfight saves the roosters. Not exactly!

After all the roosters have been seized, they figure out that these creatures are born to fight. They spend all this money for “animal welfare,” then kill the roosters. Why don’t they say all this on their news broadcast, that they are defeating the purpose of saving roosters?

No matter if the rooster dies in a fight or by death by law enforcement after a so-called “rescue effort,” dead is dead, no matter how you look at it.

Who stands to gain by busting cockfighters? Busting cockfighters is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. Not unless they are getting paid through secret funds from the Humane Society.

I really think this needs to get looked into. In such hard economic times, how can they afford this price tag? I’m sure that if a statewide poll was conducted, 99.9 percent would be more comfortable living near a cockfighter than a meth lab. For starters, roosters don’t explode, but meth labs do! I would rather smell rooster poop than the harmful gasses that a meth lab produces.

Members of the last graduating class of the state police academy didn’t have jobs because of budget issues. Who supplies the current $10,000 price tag to bust cockfighters?

I wish New Mexico law enforcement all the luck in the world to bust all the illegal activities that occur in our state.

If honest people are your likely target, I would start at an Ultimate Fighting Championships Pay-Per-View party or an NFL party for illegal gambling. That’s what cockfighters are most famous for – illegal gambling. During your bust of a Super Bowl or UFC fight, you stumble onto some drugs, too! No need to go undercover or in uniform; more than likely you are one of the guests at such parties.

Take your hidden camera and put it on the news for everyone to see. No matter if it’s a party or a cockfight, you enter as an honest friend, unless you have the Humane Society’s $1,000 reward and stay in the shadows and betray everyone for the motivation of money.

I’m sure you know the state of New Mexico can’t afford it, so collect from someone who can afford it and don’t expect a raise from us taxpayers; we can’t afford it either.

The latest was a bust in Bloomfield. How do they determine that they busted a cockfighting ring? Do they interview the roosters?

There is no state law that prohibits the raising of game roosters. The law states you have to be caught in the act of cockfighting or get caught with the weapons and roosters, which is considered evidence of the intent to have a cockfight.

Congratulations to our home-grown horse that just won the Kentucky Derby. All you horse lovers need to go read what the Humane Society thinks about horse racing and rodeos. They won’t fight the rodeo or horseracing people, because those sports have money and lots of it.

Little by little, they will begin to make you fight for your right to your way of life and defend what you do, if they can ban a sport with a 3,000-year history.

United States presidents participated in cockfighting. It has been said that President Lincoln was called Honest Abe because he was a cockfighting referee. The gamecock was one vote shy of becoming our national bird. The gamecock was most noted for his bravery and ability to never give up.

All animals fight, including us humans! More human fights occur every day than cockfights. I applaud the man who posts the messages on his fence in Magdalena to spray Round Up on Bush. The state of New Mexico needs to spray Round Up on all the pot-growers’ plants, too. Invest that $10,000 in Round Up!

The state has found a way to make pot legal, so why can’t they find a way to leave all honest taxpaying gamecock breeders alone? Go after the real lawbreakers. Honest people have nothing to hide, which makes them an easy target. Also, being honest ensures the state will get its money for the petty fines and trumped-up charges they impose on us.

The Humane Society states it is trying to save animals from going extinct, and on the other hand kills gamecocks and seizes them illegally, never returning them to their owners, all for no wrongdoing. Law enforcement agencies and the Humane Society never post or broadcast that on the news. If your roosters are seized and no wrongdoing was proved and they killed your roosters, they should be held financially responsible to compensate you for their mistake.

The Humane Society’s goal is to make the gamecock extinct and eliminate all the historic breeds that our forefathers handed down to us. Cockfights were held at the White House and many of our presidents were cockfighers.

The Humane Society’s goal is for us to eat lettuce and carrots for supper and soon go erase Honest Abe’s face off Mt. Rushmore. The Humane Society says it is never going away. Neither are us gamecock breeders! We will fight you to the end and you may have more money, but we have more truth!

The truth is worth more than any amount of money and it will expose all these crooked interest groups and urge them to quit controlling how people think. Thank you for reading,

Randy Peralta



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The Cockfighters

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on March 15, 2013

The Cockfighters.

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Letter fromTexas voter

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on March 15, 2013

I found this on the web some time ago just liked a lot of what this man said thought I would share it. I don’t remember were I found it.




I am an active Texas voter. I believe in the rule of order, and have long been a supporter of government and law enforcement. I am at the present time very unhappy over the power and influence well funded special interest groups have in relation to our legislature.
I oppose the fowl language in H.B. No. 917 as introduced by Menendez. I am 60 years old, and my hobby since childhood has been raising game chickens. The HSUS and other animal rights groups, some of which pose a threat to homeland security, have spent large sums of money to propagate false information, influence legislation, and do all in their power to stop all animal use. From anti-hunting campaigns to anti-pet ownership campaigns (as seen in the failed PAWS legislation at the federal level), these groups actively seek to take freedom away from farmers, pet owners, research scientists, and anyone else who keeps animals.
In reference to game chickens, they are by NATURE territorial to the extreme. A mature male will kill any other mature male that comes within his domain, and his domain consists of anywhere he is standing. They are NOT trained to fight. Those of us who raise them go to great trouble and expense to KEEP THEM FROM FIGHTING. That is the reason the mature males MUST be kept separated. That is also the reason the shelters kill the birds as soon as they receive them. No one can put the males together without them fighting, and since the animal rights folks don’t really care about the birds, they simply kill them. Humane or not, dead is dead! Killing them is much easier than maintaining them separated.


Anytime you see a news report about the confiscation and euthanization of game fowl that have been TRAINED to fight, you know that it is simply the ignorant repeating of animal rights group propaganda. REHABILITATION is even a greater joke; you can’t rehabilitate a bird that is simply doing what it is within his God given nature to do. It would be like “rehabilitating” a canary not to sing, or a duck not to take to water.
Another outright lie that has been propagated by animal rights people, and quoted by the legislatures the influence and fund, is that there is an elevated risk that game fowl will spread dreaded diseases. They often cite that game fowl were responsible for the 2002-2003 outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease. The USDA literature has at no time accused the game fowl industry of being responsible for the outbreak. Furthermore the USDA states the most danger of spreading the disease lies within the commercial poultry industry. When you hear a legislator site the avian flu, or some other dreaded disease as the reason for voting in favor of anti-cockfighting laws, you can know he is not influenced by the USDA but rather by animal rights groups.
As far as the gambling goes, you can rest assured there is more illegal gambling taking place each time the Houston Texans play.
I do not engage in illegal chicken fights. I do admire the courage and audacity of these birds that will stand toe to toe and fight to the death simply because one will not give way to the other. No one could train them to do it. Nor is their any drug that would make them do it. They do it simply because that is the way they are. Sir, the wording in H.B. No. 917 would consider my pens, my feed pans, even my automobile, as cock fighting equipment. People like me, a Baptist pastor in your district, would be in jeopardy of becoming felons. Such a severe legislation would not only force us to get rid of our birds, it would be a giant step toward the extinction of a breed of birds.
I beseech you to oppose ALL the fowl language in H.B. No. 917. Texas laws are already too severe in relation to cockfighting. Texas is a livestock friendly state, and you should protect game chickens by protecting those who raise them from the fear of legal persecution. Protect feed stores from economic loss. Protect those who produce the grains game fowl eat. Protect the game fowl from extinction. Protect your constituents from the loss of the freedom to pursue happiness through a hobby that does no harm to anyone. Say NO to the out of state special interest groups such as the HSUS that think they can come in and buy Texas legislators.
Thank you for taking into consideration the rights and well-being of those whom you represent.

As A Marine Corps Veteran And A Voting Resident Of The State Of Texas. I Would Like To Know What Gives Our Elected Officials The Idea. That It Is Alright To Pass A Law Such As Hb 917?? This Law Does Not Consider The Best Of Interest For Any Citizen That Raises Gamefowl For The Legitimate Reason Of Attending Poultry Shows. It Also Does Not Have The Best Interest Of Citizens That Raise The Gamecock For Their Own Happiness Either.

You See Sir The Animal Rights Organizations Would Like The Whole World To Believe That People That Raise Gamefowl Are All Backwoods, No Tooth, Wife Beating Rednecks, Drug Dealers Or Dope Addicts. This Is The Farthest From The Truth That They Can Possibly Get. Honestly There Are Bad Apples In Every Walk Of Life.

I Sure Would Like The State To Make Cockfighting Legal, And Tax It. Let Every Gamefowl Breeder Register A Small Business Just As The People That Raise Race Horse Do Here In Texas. Make The Clubs Where The Competitions Are Held State Licensed.

Think Of All The People, And Businesses That The Gamefowl Industry Supports Now With All The Restrictions And Laws That Already Exist. From The Lumber Yard For Supplies To Build And House You’re Fowl. To The Wire Manufacturer For The Wire That Is Used To Build Fences And Pens. To The Feed Store Or Co-op Where All The Feed And Medications Are Purchased. To The Farmer That Harvest The Grain That These Animals Eat. The Fuel That Is Spent To Travel To And From A Poultry Show Or Competition. The Hotel Money That Is Spent For The Several Days Of Travel With Your Fowl. There Is Many And I Mean Many Of People That Are Involved In The Gamefowl Industry That Have No Idea. Companies That Have Been Supported By Honest Hard Working And Loving People That Simply Want To Raise, Show And Test Their Gamefowl.

As Far As All The Hype About Illegal Gambling At A Cockfight. Come On We All Know That There Is More Living Room Bets Placed On A Spurs Or Dallas Cowboys Game Any Given Night In San Antonio Than At A Cockfight. Besides A Bet Is Not The Same As A Gentleman’s Wager.

Honestly I Don’t Care What Walk Of Life You Come From; You Have Past Times And You Have Things You Love And Enjoy To Do. Maybe It’s Playing Golf, Or Sailing A Boat, Or Fishing, Maybe Hunting Whitetail Deer Or Hogs Or Dove, Or Ducks. Well You See The Animal Rights Terrorist Do Not Intend To Stop With Outlawing The Ownership Or Fighting Of Gamefowl. They Spread Their Propaganda And They Do It Well. They Will Stop At Nothing Until Every Animal Has More Legal Rights In America Then Your Own Children.

I Urge You To Pay A Visit To Some Of The H.s.u.s. Websites. Go See For Yourself They Are On A Mission. They Do Not Support Or Own A Single Animal Shelter. They Are Not The Heart Felt Organization That They Brainwash The Public Into Believing They Are. Look A Month Or So Back At Colorado. When They Elected Officials Begged And Pleaded With The P.e.t.a. Of Animals To Assist, Them In The Rescue Of All The Cattle That Were Stuck Out In The Freezing Snow. Well P.e.t.a. Basically Told Them To Go Screw Themselves. They Were Not Going To Assist In The Rescue Of Any Animal That Was Going To Be Used To Eat. They Also Said That They Were Not Going To Assist Because The Self Righteous Owners Were Going To Make A Monetary Gain From The Sale Of These Cows.

Now This Is The Kind Of Organization That Lobbies To Pass Laws Just Like This H.b. 917 That You Have Sponsored. So I Ask At This Time Sir, “what Influence Did The Human Society Or Their Likes Play In The Introduction Of This Legislation??” I Am Asking That You Please Look Into Your Heart And See Yourself As An American And Reconsider Your Support For This Bill. Please Say No To H.b.917.


The first thing we need to stop doing in these letters is pointing the finger at all these animal rights activist groups and playing “he did this, she did that…” with each other. It’s just as bad as when these politicians put commercials out about each other, trying to dig up dirt to make each other look bad in order to persuade public opinion. The fact is that we ARE stereotyped as criminals, “rednecks”, “barbaric” and any other name you can associate with a non-civilized society. Trying to get society to see our point-of-view is as bad as trying to make us understand homosexuality by getting us to watch BrokeBackMountain! LMFAO (I know some of you had to watch it with your girl! LMFAO!!!) Seriously, we need to guide & focus these politicians on legalities and citizen ownership rights, and avoid using words like “cockfighting” and trying to justify why we pit them, regardless if it is in their nature to “defend” their domain and act hostile towards any other game fowl male. The reality is that there are not too many people outside the game fowl community that understand and sympathize putting blades/gaffs on an animal’s feet in order to prove that “gameness” is being maintained. Politicians do not care to hear all that talk about “gameness” or “proven bloodlines” and just want to know why we should have the right to own game fowl. Keep it as simple as stating actual positive facts about owning game fowl and justify being an American with protected rights. Make them think twice about what principals this country is based upon at this day and age, as they could care less whether our Founding Fathers owned game fowl or not. Regardless if this sport is, a tradition dating back to ancient times, nowadays it is viewed as a “bloodsport” and “barbaric” so it is pointless to try to bring back the glory days of warriors, gladiators and chiefs and Indians.



Ernesto regardless Of How Someone Sees a Heritage/past Time/hobby/sport/lifestyle That You Chose to Take Part In. That Is A Moral Issue And Not A legal Issue What All These Law Do Is No More Than The Politicians Saying, “I Am Flexing My Legal Muscle To Show You That I Can Legalize Or Criminalize Your Way Of Life Now That I Am In Office.” Politicians Are Elected To Protect The Rights And Interest Of Their Voting Public, And Guess What?????????? That Chit Aint Happening…….. They Are Protecting The Pay Check More Than Anything…………… Just Because Someone Chooses To Raise Gamefowl Does Not Mean He Is A Criminal. Before The Transportation Law Was Passed the People That Drove to A legal State Were Not Breaking Any Laws. Now They Are Breaking Federal Law Doing The Same Thing. Where is the justice In That????? Oh I Know It’s just Us Not Justice Yup The “just Us” Is Just The People That Have The Power To Make And Change Legislation To Force The World To Live By Their Moral And Ethical Standards. What Next?????????? Is Everyone Going To Have To Be The Same Religion Or Become Atheist Because Someone With Power Does Not Approve Of The Catholic Or Baptist Or Presbyterian Or Hindu Religion????????

This World Is Taking On a Completely New Shape With The Power That The Elected Officials Are Utilizing And I Tell You What I Damn Sure Don’t Like The Way It’s Head Myself………………………..



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Kids and The Gamecock Heritage

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on March 5, 2013

The Hsus and other Animal Right Extremist want you to thank it is bad to raise your children around Gamefowl or the Gamecock Heritage.  Remember these are the people that thank its wrong to eat meat, fish, hunt, farm, race horses, and dogs, and teach your kids to do the same.  Some of these groups even promote violent acts to help their agenda


  • We have found that civil disobedience and direction action has been powerful in generating massive attention in our communities … and has been very effective in traumatizing our targets.
    – “National Animal Rights Convention” (June 27, 1997) John ‘J.P.’ Goodwin

  • Would I rather the research lab that tests animals is reduced to a bunch of cinders?  Yes  Ingrid Newkirk peta


  • “If you had to hurt somebody or intimidate them or kill them, it would be morally justifiable.” (Referring to research scientists.) Jerry Vlasak, Associated Press, July 8, 2008.




So which Group is really hurting Kids?  It’s not the Gamefowl Breeders, Hunters, Fisherman, or farmers it’s the Hsus and other animal right groups.


The Gamecock Heritage help kids develop discipline and responsibility. They learn to set goals and then work to achieve those goals. They learn that by working hard they can accomplish the things that they want to in their lives. It gives kids a felling of accomplishment and builds self-esteem


They learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. They learn to be a good sport in both situations. It also helps them learn how to appropriately cope with loss and disappointment, which is a skill that will serve them well when they grow up


It teaches them about Heritage, Traditions, and different Cultures and their importance. It helps them grow past Racism and to deal with intolerant and hypocritical bigots (aka Hsus, Peta, Etc, Etc.).


It teaches kids about hard work, and is a good form exercise


It helps to get kids off the streets, out of the house and off the TV, or Video Games


It builds friendships that last a lifetime.


It is a great way for parents and children to spend some quality time together.


It teaches kids how to build, and use tools,


It teaches kids good Animal Husbandry, and basic genetics.


It teaches kids proper animal care (Watering, Feeding, Wormers, Antibiotic use, vaccine use, Breeding, Chick care, Egg Care, etc.)


It teaches kids that all animals have a purpose (beef Cattle for Beef, Milk cow for milk, chicken for meat or eggs, pigs for ham and bacon, and yes the Gamecock has a purpose also).  It helps them to understand the circle of life and the nature of things.


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