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Crime in the Name of Animal Rights

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 26, 2013

To all Congressmen, Governors, Elected Officials, Policeman, judges, Churches, celebrities, Business, that supports the Hsus, Peta, or any other animal right groups is this what you support? This is a short list.



Crime in the Name of Animal Rights

By: Staff  Date: 01/16/2012 Category: | Animal Rights Extremism |

Animal rights and environmental extremists do more than demonstrate and push radical legislation. They also use physical assaults, intimidation, vandalism, harassment, theft, property destruction and terrorism. During the past two decades these attacks have escalated. Because this is an international movement and major acts of terrorism and petty acts of vandalism and harassment occur virtually everyday, no list can keep up. This list is often cited as the most complete chronology of animal rights and eco- criminal acts on the Internet. Help us live up to that reputation by sending new or missing information to


January 5, Vancouver, BC: Animal rights fanatics claim to have thrown a molatov cocktail at a parked, unattended police cruiser parked in front of a fur store. According to police, the cocktail actually missed, simply landing in the street and doing no damage.


December 6-21, Toronto, ON: Police seek a woman believed to be an anti-fur activist, for destroying several thousands of dollars worth of fur coats.

December 18, Toronto, ON: Two stores selling fur and leather, Four Seasons Fur and T.O. Leather Fashions Ltd., were vandalized by animal rights extremists.

August 5, Yorba Linda, CA: A Beckman Coulter Employee’s pool is dyed red, her garage door spray painted with “DROP HSL” and “PUPPY KILLER.”

May 21, Vancouver, BC: Animal Rights Activists vandalize four fur stores and trespass on a store owner’s property, vandalizing two cars and a sign.

March 14, Sci, OR: The Animal Liberation Front takes credit for cutting the fences at a pheasant farm. The attack released up to 100 birds, causing $4,000 in property damage.

March 7, Detroit, MI: After posting a researche’s address and calling for his “drawn out and painful” death, an animal rights blogger has been ordered to remove threats from her website, or face prison time.

February 21, Columbus, OH: An animal rights extremist is charged with soliciting a hit man to fatally shoot or slit the throat of a random fur-wearer.

January 17, Mantua, Italy: Armed intruders cut fences and release 1,400 mink from Italian farm. It is the fifth time that particular farm was attacked.

January 8, Coalinga, CA: 14 trailers set ablaze at cattle Ranch. All of them were destroyed.



December 27, Ahmedabad, India: A mob of animal rights extremists attack a truck carrying beef, attack the drivers, and light the truck on fire.

October 19, Barnesvill, MN: After threats of arson by anti-hunting extremists, a bow-hunter’s home is set on fire with her still inside. Nobody is hurt, but the home suffers extensive damage.

October 13, Sioux City, IA:Two animal rights sabateurs arrested while attempting to break into mink farm.

October 12, Gifford, WA: Animal rights activists break into Mink ranch, releasing 1,000 mink. Most of the mink were rescued.

October 10, Vaggeryd, Sweden: A mink farm was attacked and 3,800 mink released. This is the second attack in this area, though not as large as the one a week ago. Many of the mink have died from being hit by cars.

October 9, Molalla, OR: ALF fanatics claimed responsibility for an attack on a deer farm, however, no deer left the property as they were not in the area where the fence was cut.

October 9, Vancouver, Canada: ALF fanatics claimed responsibility for slashing tires and spray-painting a car outside Capilano Furs. The car belonged to a visitor, and not the store’s owner. The same group of ALF extremists also vandalized the Sun Sui Wah seafood restaurant, ordering it to “stop selling shark fin soup.” They also vandalized the front door of a Max Mara fashion shop because it sells fur.

October 7, Jewell, IA: Animal rights activists suspected of releasing 1,200-1,500 mink from a farm.

October 4, Jydske Vestkysten, Sweden: Animal rights extremists broke into a mink farm, breaking locks and cages.  Police say there were about 17,000 to 18,000 mink on the farm, and only about 3,000 remain.  The loss is estimated at eight million kronor.

October 1, Taiji, Japan: A British animal rights activist group, The Black Fish, claimed responsibility for cutting nets in several dolphin holding pens.  No dolphin escaped.

September 29, County Donegal, Ireland: ALF Ireland claimed responsibility for breaking into a fur farm, cutting wire and opening gates.  Some 32,000 mink stayed in their cages but about 5,000 escaped.  Local gun clubs are trying to trap the mink, as it is feared they could damage local salmon stocks in spawning pens.

September 27, Salem, OR: Animal rights protesters tried to lock employees and public out of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife headquarters after the department’s decision to shoot two wolves that were suspected of killing cattle.

September 26, Boise, ID: An animal rights group calling itself “The Arson Unit” claimed responsibility for a fire at a fur retailer that temporarily shut down part of a state highway.

September 25, Astoria, OR: animal rights extremists broke into a mink farm, releasing approximately 300 animals.

September 9, Granite Falls, WA: ALF fanatics claimed responsibility for the release of approximately 400 mink from a fur farm.

September 5, Sudenbrarup, Germany: Animal rights fanatics claim to have broken into a fur farm and release several thousand mink.

September 1, Silver Springs, VA: An environmental militant was killed at the end of a hostage stand-off ant the Discovery Communications headquarters.  James J. Lee, 43, had a gun and a bomb, and held three men hostage while demanding that Discovery channel stop showing programs which he claimed harmed the environment and animals.

August 29, Clackamas, OR: Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activists claimed to have destroyed fencing at the Damascus Elk Farm in Clackamas, Oregon.

August 27, Fresno, CA: Several hundred chickens were killed in an arson fire at a chicken farm, with damage estimated at $25,000.

August 26 & 27, Thessalonica, Greece: Break-ins at two fur farms set loose more than 50,000 mink.  Owners feared most would die in the summer heat, and damages could exceed $1.27 million. ALF extremists claimed responsibility for the two attacks.

July 13, Franklin, ID: Approximately 30 mink were released from their cages during a fur farm break-in.  All the mink were recovered.

July 27, Astoria, OR: ALF fanatics claim responsibility for an arson attack on a former mink farms.  The eight fires damaged a building, boat, car, two for-lifts and a front-end loader.  Animal rights activists had broken into the farm twice before in 2008 and 2009, releasing mink.  The older couple owning the farm had stopped raising mink after those two attacks.

July 27, Mexico City, Mexico: FLA fanatics claimed to have sabotaged a construction site, in “support” of Walter Bond, who was arrested in connection with three arsons in Utah and Colorado.  (See June 2010)

July 23, Washington, DC: Police are looking into the possibility of eco-terrorism after so SUVs in one neighborhood were found with slashed tires.

July 20, Lincolnshire, England: Animal rights activists claim responsibility in the arson attack that destroyed delivery van at a laboratory animal breeding farm which supplies animals to HLS.  The farm had been attacked by animal rights extremists twice before.

July 14, Mexico: ALF-Mexico (FLA) claim an arson attack on a chinchilla farm.  They claim to have been unable to break into the building holding the animals, so instead used gasoline bombs to set fire to an empty building.

July 7, Grovedale, Canada: Eco-terrorists attacked the Canadian pipeline, opening valves on a 400 barrel tank containing emulsified crude oil.

June 18, Malta: Sea Shepherd activists attacked and injured two Maltese divers when the activists tried to release tuna belonging to a Maltese fishing company.

June 13, Mexico: ELF extremist claim to have sabotaged construction equipment with incendiary devices.

June 2, Troise-Riveries, Canada: A groups calling itself Resisitance Internationaliste claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a Canadian army recruitment center.  Police report an emerging trend in Europe is a rapprochement between violent anti-government groups and militant environmentalists and animal-rights activists.

May 31, Union county, Ohio: Gary Yourofsky, former PETA employee who calls himself the founder of “Animals Deserve Protection Today and Tomorrow” called for a protest against a dairy farm that was the subject of a staged undercover video.  His call to protest suggested that activists bring weapons and “bolt cutters, bats, crowbars, pitchforks, hammers and wrenches to help destroy every piece of equipment the farm has, and tear down the sheds.” He further suggested that people bring weapons to defend themselves against farm workers and police. “I am not asking you to harm anyone if it is NOT in you to harm someone although those who wish to will have my FULL SUPPORT.”

May 22, California: Animal Rights fanatics, calling themselves East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA) claim to “investigate” chicken farms – breaking in, stealing hens, and video-taping the interior.

May 19, Ottawa, Canada: An anarchist group claimed responsibility for the firebombing of a Royal Bank branch.  Suspects have been identified and police expect arrests.

May 15, Germany: ALF fanatics claim to have vandalized and toppled several hunting towers.

May 13, Mexico City, Mexico: ALF extremists claim to have firebombed a McDonalds.

May 10, Pittsburgh, PA: ALF fanatics claim to have vandalized and glued locks at two fur stores, and vandalized a KFC billboard.

May 7, Gothenburg, Sweden: ALF activists claim to have broken windows in a fur store on four different nights.

May 5, La Mancha, Spain: ELF activists claim to have set construction machinery on fire.

April 30, Glendale, CO: An ALF fanatic, Walter Bond, aka “Lone Wolf” has been charged in the arson attack on The Sheepskin Factory, destroying the building and causing $500,000 in damages.

April 28, Argentina: Animal rights fanatics claim to have vandalized two pet stores and two veterinarians offices.

April 28, Mexico City, Mexico: ALF extremists claim to have used incendiary devices to torch two circus trucks.

April 23, Pittsburgh, Pa: Animal rights fanatics claim to have vandalized a research building at Mellon Institute.

April 12, Malmo, Sweden: The exterior of a hospital research center was damaged by a bomb.  Police are considering a tie to animal rights extremists.

March 19, Frankenförde, Germany: Approximately 4000 mink were released during a break-in at a fur farm, causing 180,000 Eruos in damage. While half have been captured, the rest are killing farm foul and other small birds and animals in the region.

March 17, San Francisco, CA: An ex-vegan was hit with chili-pepperlaced pies at an anarchist event.

March 11, 10, 9, Malmo, Sweden:  ALF activists claim to have glued locks and thrown red paint at fur shops.

March 11, UK:  Hunt saboteurs claim to have removed signs advertising hunt point-to-points and paint-stripped hunters’ cars.

March 10, Killams, UK:  Eco-activists calling themselves the “Green Wedge”  vandalized and graffiti-ed a building and paint-stripped the caretaker’s car at a development construction site.

March 4, La Jolla, CA:  ALF fanatics claim to have placed and incendiary device in a car belonging to a Scripps Research Institute researcher.  This claim, like many others, has not been substantiated in the press.

February 27, Monza, Italy:  Oil was released into the Po river, after tanks at an abandoned refinery were tampered with.  Valves were opened, and several tanks were ruptured. Authorities called the sabotage an act of environmental terrorism.

February 25, Belfast, Northern Ireland: ALF extremists claim to have vandalized butcher and bookmakers shops, and a hunting supply store. February 22, 2010 Cremona, Italy:  ALF extremists have claimed responsibility for an arson fire that destroyed a rabbit slaughterhouse, causing hundreds of thousands of Euros in damages.

February 14, Lake Forest, WI: A rare female Mexican gray wolf was re-captured after the lock on her enclosure was broken. Animal rights activists are suspected of having released the wolf.

February 11, Aukland, New Zealand: A group calling itself “Animal Freedom Aotearoa broke into a chicken farm and stole 100 hens, then demonstrated at the offices of the Egg Producers Association.

February 10, Mexico: A bullfighting ring and museum were vandalized.

February 9, Lund, Sweden: ALF extremist again vandalized the Scandinavian Sports store, breaking windows and gluing locks.

February 9, Torino, Italy: ALF fanatics vandalized a pet shop.

February 4, Sodertalje, Sweden: Animal rights fanatics vandalized two cars belonging to a director of AstraZeneca, which deals with HLS.

February 4, Utah: Alf extremists etched the windows at a McDonalds.

February 4, Tivoli, Italy: Animal rights extremists broke all the windows of a car belonging to a hunter.

January 27, Portland, OR: A man poured gasoline on himself, setting himself on fire, and tried to get in the door of the Nicholas Unger fur stores, site of frequent animal rights protests.  He failed to enter the store and died at the hospital of his injuries.

January 24, ViaMorelos, Mexico: A group of animal rights and “eco-anarchists” used a homemade butane bomb to destroy ATM machines at a branch of BBVA ban.

January 21, Solden, Austria: A bomb threat caused the evacuation of a bank, which animal rights activists mistakenly claimed was involved in avalanche research using pigs.

January 17, Lund, Sweden: ALF extremists broke windows and spray-painted graffiti at a fur shop.

January 11, Davenport and Felton, CA: Four large pieces of quarry equipment were damaged when a powdery substance was poured into the motors and transmissions of three bulldozers and an excavator.  Damage is estimated at $400,000. Another company in the Felton area also had damaged equipment. They may be linked to similar damages is ScottsValley and UC Santa Cruz earlier this past summer.

January 10, Rome, Italy: A group calling itself “vegan hooligans” vandalized meat and dairy trucks.

January 9, Reggio Emilia, Italy: Alf fanatics set fire to an outdoor grill and kitchen at a Roadside Grill restaurant.

January 6, Veducchio, Italy: Animal rights extremists vandalized a quail hunting center by breaking windows and throwing bottles of red paint into the building.

January 5, Kewttig, Germany: Animal rights extremists used incendiary devices to destroy a car belonging to a vice-president of Fortress Investments, which lends money to Huntington Life Sciences.

January 5, Ottawa, Canada: ALF fanatics claim to have spray-painted slogans and glued locks at a fur store and a restaurant serving foie gras.

January 2 & 3, Paris, France: Animal rights fanatics claim to have vandalized a fur shop, throwing paving stones through windows, gluing locks and painting slogans.

January 1, Croatia: ALF extremists claim to have spray-painted three fur shops with anti-fur slogans



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