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Gamecock Articles needed

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on January 30, 2013

I was wondering if anyone would like to write or share Articles on the Gamecock for my blog. I need some people who would be willing to write on a monthly basis

 If you do please send them to me at  and tell me if you want your name put on them or not.

 Topics needed:  

 Gamecock laws (Wanting to build a database of all Gamecock laws Federal, State, and County)

 Gamecock History (I am working on the chronology history of the Gamecock and it’s heritage)

 Gamecock Research (if you know of any research out there about the Gamecock.)

 The Gamecock’s enemies (animal rights) and articles countering the lies told by them.

 Gamecock Health, Pens, Feed, etc., anything about the Gamecock.

 I want to start a page on what the Gamecock and cockfighting has taught me

 Obituaries I want to start an obituary page to honor all the people who made our sport great.

 Any Stories are also very welcome. (Old Cockers, old pits, rules, fight reports, etc.)

 Also colored photos of Gamecocks, Different breeds, colors, comb types, muff, Toppies, (I want to show the different types of Gamecocks.)

 Photos of old Cockers, Pits, farms, etc.

 Any photo’s of natural spurs


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