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Other Thoughts on Cockfighting and The Constitution

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on January 25, 2013

It’s time to start thanking outside the box, and Re-educate ourselves


The Importance Of state Citizenship


Richard James, McDonald

    Why is this important?   Because the visitor should know that the rules that apply to “US citizens” may be different that the rules that apply to “state Citizens”, and that the rights of one are not the same as the other.   For example, the “state Citizen” is NOT required to have a driver license to legally use their car to go to the store to buy food or to attend their place of worship, the “US citizen” is required to have a license to do the same thing.

“The governments of the United States and of each state of the several states are distinct from one another.  The rights of a citizen under one may be quite different from those which he has under the other”.
Colgate v. Harvey, 296 U.S. 404; 56 S.Ct. 252 (1935)

“There is a difference between privileges and immunities belonging to the citizens of the United States as such, and those belonging to the citizens of each state as such”.
Ruhstrat v. People, 57 N.E. 41 (1900)

“The rights and privileges, and immunities which the fourteenth constitutional amendment and Rev. St. section 1979 [U.S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 1262], for its enforcement, were designated to protect, are such as belonging to citizens of the United States as such, and not as citizens of a state”.
Wadleigh v. Newhall 136 F. 941 (1905)
    Mr. McDonald educates people about the reasons why this is the so and what they can do to reclaim their birth rights which are protected by the State Constitution. 

“…rights of national citizenship as distinct from the fundamental or natural rights inherent in state citizenship”.
Madden v. Kentucky, 309 U.S. 83: 84 L.Ed. 590 (1940)

SUI  JURIS. One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one  who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like.
     2. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris.  Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. Story on Ag. p. 10.
Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

INGENUI, civ. law. Those freemen who were born free. Vicat, vocab.
     2. They were a class of freemen, distinguished from those who, born  slaves, had afterwards legally obtained their freedom the latter were called  at various periods, sometimes liberti, sometimes libertini. An unjust or  illegal servitude did not prevent a man from being ingenuus.

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

JURIS ET DE JURE. A phrase employed to denote conclusive presumptions of  law, which cannot be rebutted by evidence. The words signify of law and from  law. Best on Presumption, Sec. 17.

 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

What the visitor will find here is little known legal history about the people of this country that is not taught in the public schools nor for that matter in law school as part of the general curriculum.  


Please read everything on this website and watch the video


One Response to “Other Thoughts on Cockfighting and The Constitution”

  1. genesweater said


    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Hitler’s Nazi Germany was marked by a preoccupation with “animal rights.” Hitler’s Third Reich passed numerous animal protection laws, such as declaring that shoeing a horse was cruel, and declared an end to dissection. This reduced Man’s status to that of animals, and justified treating men as animals. Before the war was ended, the Nazis stepped up experiments on the best way to castrate a Jew without anesthesia, and turned countless men, women and children into lampshades and soap. These Nazi actions were justifiable by their belief that it was possible to “…increase the moral standing of animals and decrease the moral standing of people, thus integrating human characteristics to animals… elevating animal life to the level of cult worship…which would lead to the spiritual and ideological changes necessary… for a new national identity.”

    The real political objective of “animal rights” is to eliminate “unalienable rights,” and to make way for all these other supposed rights and pervert our Bill of Rights to the point where only the perverted are protected. A favored socialist strategy is to separate the population from common sense and its own laws by bringing about chaos, clouding real issues, then bring about “change” through gradual “legislation from within.” Ruling by planned crisis is the favored method, as this short-circuits the brain’s ability to think and reason clearly about true issues. This planned chaos (such as “animal cruelty,” “puppy mills” and “cock fighting”) is designed to rob the nation of its creativity and life force, degrade human existence, make everything seem uncontrollable and bad, which then allows the introduction of a tyrannical form of government.

    The Gestapo was first used by Goring to do away with political opponents. A “temporary” state of emergency was declared after the Reichstag fire, but was never rescinded. This allowed the Gestapo to enforce conformity at every level of society. Block wardens monitored their neighbors, and children were recruited to inform on their teachers and parents. The Gestapo was authorized to hold people in “protective custody” which was really arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. At first, only political prisoners were taken under the guise of “preventive protective custody” and placed in SS-controlled concentration camps; later, anyone was hunted down and taken who was deemed to not fit in with SS and Gestapo vision of a perfect Aryan society. (“SS” came from Schutzstaffel which means “elite guard”).

    Today we see this same conduct and set of circumstances appearing in some of our civic institutions. The only way for one man to achieve dominion and control over another is through the darkness of IGNORANCE. Let’s get educated about our own laws, so that tyranny cannot gain a foothold in America, and so that we can once again have “happiness and good government flowing forth” as paraphrased by all our early education laws. We do have some beautiful laws. Let’s learn them, and insist that our civic institutions obey them for the good of our nation. God Bless America.

    -Compiled by: Janet I. Fischer and S.A. Martin

    17954-A S. Euclid Ave.

    Chino, CA 91710

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