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Another case of Nazi Animal Protectionism

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on August 18, 2012

Ontario Police and the Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA conducted a raid on the private property of another Gamefowl breeding Farm.  It looks like another case of the destruction of our agriculture industry, and our cultural and rural lifestyles by the police state our Country has become.  After reading the reports, we still do not know if they were caught fighting birds or not, all the reports say is alleged, led to believe, telltale signs of cockfighting, the facts would be nice.

“We had found paraphernalia which led us to believe there was a fight in progress and there were wagers,” Lemus said.

“Police on Monday said they have busted an alleged cockfighting operation on a 15-acre complex in Ontario that involved about 1,000 birds.”


“Many of the birds at the complex on Cucamonga Drive, just south of the Pomona Freeway, were tied up, and most had their combs and waddles cut off and their spurs removed, authorities said.  Experts say those are telltale signs of cockfighting preparations”.


Experts say those are telltale signs of cockfighting preparations, This is also mandatory at Poultry shows if you show old English gamefowl or American Gamefowl.  It is also good idea to cut the spurs to keep the roosters for hurting the hens during mating and if left long the spur can grow enough to cut the rooster’s  legs.  Cutting the comb helps stop frostbite.


“Authorities rescue over 1,000 roosters”, “The birds will likely be euthanized” can you believe they said this in the same article.  To Rescue something and then kill it is not rescuing.  If you are going to steal a man’s private property before there is a trial then you feed it and take care of it or does the Humane Society have a different definition of RESCUE.


It is time in America for the Gamefowl breeders to stand up and fight, get a lawyer and have these charges fought INDIVIDUALLY and if you are found not guilty SUE.



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