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A Cockfighting Song—-The Holbeck Moor Cockfight

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on August 18, 2012




Come all you cockers far and near
An’ I’ll tell you of a cockfeight, when and where,
On ’Olbeck Moor as I’ve ’eard say,
Between the black and the bonny grey.
Now the first to come in were the Owdham lads,
They came with all the brass they had.
The reason was I ’eard ’em say,
Ahr black’s too big for the bonny grey.
So it’s into t’ pub to teck a sup,
Yon cockfeight it was soon made up.
For twenty pounds them birds will play,
The charcoal black and the bonny grey.
The Owdham lads stood shoutin’ around,
‘I’ll lay thee a quid to ’alf a crown,
If ahr black cock ’e gets fair play
’E’ll meck mincemeat out o’ thy bonny grey.’
So the cocks they at it an’ t’ grey got tossed;
Owdham lads said, ‘By, tha’s lost!’
Us ’Olbeck lads we tonned quite pale,
An’ we wished we’d fought for a barrel of ale.
Then the cocks they at it one two three,
The charcoal black got stuck in t’ ee.
’E picked ’im up but ’e wadn’t play,
An’ the fight it went to ahr bonny grey.
With silver breast an’ silver wings
’E’s fit to feight i’ front o’ kings.
We picked ’im up with a hip ’ooray,
An’ we carried off ahr bonny grey.


Yorkshire Garland Group—Yorkshire Folk Song at your Fingertips


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