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HSUS Buys and Bullies Companies

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on June 25, 2012

Posted on June 21, 2012

In his June 11, 2012 blog on the Humane Society of the United States website, Wayne Pacelle, HSUS President and CEO, boasts about companies that knuckled under to HSUS pressure—and ownership.

Yes, it seems that some monies donated by the public to HSUS have been spent on buying stock in corporations—with an underlying reason.

The details are revealed in the comment in Pacelle’s blog: “important steps companies in our shareholder portfolio have taken after HSUS’s interventions.” Many of these companies have been publicly pressured, verbally attacked and ridiculed by HSUS “interventions.”

Among those companies infected by the HSUS are:

  • Sears, Steinmart, Talbots, True Religion Brand Jeans and Iconix— all pressured to stop using fur.
  • Clothing retailers Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and –pressured to stop selling products that contain fur.
  • Dozens of major food companies committed to stop using eggs from hens confined in HSUS targeted cages. These companies include: Pepperidge Farm, Cheesecake Factory, ConAgra Foods, Denny’s, IHOP, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Kellogg, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Marriott Hotels, McDonald’s, Starbucks, P.F. Chang, Tim Hortons, and Wendy’s. HSUS also recently purchased stock in Hardees and Carl’s Jr. food chains.
  • HSUS also owns shares of Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a way to make them conform.
  • Grocery chains Kroger and Safeway also received HSUS pressure to stop selling specific products.
  • Allergan—a major pharmaceutical company—committed to avoid using animals in testing after HSUS pressures.
  • Idenix—another pharmaceutical company—committed to stop product testing on chimpanzees.

When dealing with any of these companies, it’s important to remind them that the animal rights lobby does not speak for the majority of Americans.


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Censorship and then Indoctrination

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on June 2, 2012


Anthony Saville Feb 2007

The HSUS are trying to Censor and eliminate any medium that it considers does not fit in with their agenda. Daily they use their Tax Free funds to suit their political agenda. If you stand in their way they either completely smother you in litigation you cannot afford ruining you. In other instances, they use their huge sums of cash to influence politicians into their way of thinking.

CENSORSHIP is the word we are looking for when HSUS tries to get the post office to refuse to deliver THE GAMECOCK, THE FEATHERED WARRIOR and if not currently envisaged for the future GRIT AND STEEL.

HSUS have taken it upon themselves to decide what you and I are allowed to read. CENSORSHIP

Daily HSUS are asserting their Monetary Power to influence the American way of life BIG TIME. Years ago, they threatenedBurlingtoncoat factory because of dog skin on some of their coats. What happened Burlington Coat Factory paid off HSUS with a huge monetary bribe.

Today over 5 years later, they are trying the same manipulation of another clothing chain and again dog fur fromChina. Let us see if the HSUS are able to get another big payday.

All the meat food producers are running scared of HSUS and daily contribute to the HSUS either directly or indirectly. It would be construed as protection money in many circles. Certainly looks that way to me.

The dog food producers have become financial supporters of the HSUS and American Humane Society and many other animal rights groups. Do not become confused between the HSUS and American Humane Society they are two different organizations. Both have assets of at least $50 million each. Pedigree/Mars yes the Mars candy people have taken sides and are actively promoting and supporting financially both HSUS and American Humane with huge big TV ads and matching donation monetary contributions. What organizations with over 50 million in assets need even more money for I do not know. So Pedigree food will not be part of my dog’s diet. Please advise all of our dog allies accordingly.

Purina Mills/Nestle are far less vocal and wisely are not actively supporting HSUS OR THE American Humane Society.

Continental Airlines capitulated to the HSUS pressure and refuse to fly chickens on their overseas routes. Nobody ever proved that the chickens were actually fighting chickens. HSUS applied the pressure and Continental dived for cover.

What has woken me up BIG TIME was the recent headlines. The HSUS are issuing a lawsuit suing for selling two Cockfighting magazines THE GAMECOCK and THE FEATHERED WARRIOR. Then threatening a third magazine the GRIT and STEEL. This has left me with the greatest feeling of total disbelief that this could actually be happening. How are we allowing this to happen!!

Is thisAmericaor is this Communist China or surely these types of things only happen in countries like CubaorVenezuela.

The Humane Society of theUSAregistered non profit organization has not only become a Highly Political Money Generating Organization but it is using its non taxable funds to try to POLITICALLY MANIPULATE and change the basic American way of life.

Censorship in any form is manipulation of the masses by ensuring that only selected information by the censor is passed to the recipients.

In simple terms if you either deny the right to read or assimilate all information this is called Censorship. Once you are able to censor what people read or assimilate the next step is for you to then supply only your information thereby indoctrinating and controlling the people’s way of life.

This HSUS lawsuit against is a most dangerous precedent that is being set. If HSUS get away with this then be assured that a Vegan lifestyle is in the first steps of being imposed on you. Who will the HSUS target next. It could be anybody. They have the money.

INDOCTRINATION of our children is being practiced by HSUS on a daily basis with them indoctrinating our children at our schools daily. Even the master indoctrinators NAZI GERMANY knew that if you were able to get to the children and brainwash the children you could manipulate them for their entire lifetime.

NAZI GERMANY was the perfect example of Censorship, Indoctrination and manipulation of the masses by the NAZI propaganda. By controlling the input of information and knowledge that everyday citizens were allowed to assimilate they gained control ofGermanyin the early 1930’s.

Why am I so scared of Censorship and why am I trying so hard to warn all my fellow Americans about the dangers of Censorship. Because I grew up in a society highly censored and indoctrinated. That is why I prize being an American and why I am trying to warn you of what I see as a most dangerous threat to our American way of life.

Be reassured that I am not bashing my country of birth South Africa and most definitely not in any way finding fault with my chosen adopted home America.


In theSouth AfricaI grew up in these were everyday Censorships that we thought wereNORMAL.

Magazines like Playboy were banned. If I was found reading a Playboy magazine that, I had purchases legally while on an overseas trip I could be guilty of a Felony and spend 3 months in jail. When I gave my address and contact details to GRIT and STEEL as a South African contact my compatriots thought I would end up in jail.

Books like Cry the beloved country by Alan Payton were banned. Anything with a Communist content was banned.

School books were only as Censored by the Government and only certain aspects of History were taught.

Movies were all controlled by the Censorship board and if there were scenes in a movie that the Censorship board decided for me that I should not see, then one of two things happened either the movie was banned completely or with all the scenes removed by the Censorship board. The movie made no sense with half the content removed. We were only allowed to view what the Censors thought we needed to view.

Next were the newspapers. They were all so scared of being closed down or banned. If they did not do as they were told, the newspapers were banned and closed down. They passed out the information and news in a controlled Censored way.

The only Radio stations that were allowed all belonged to the Government and ALL news was Government censored.

What about TV? What TV? The Government decided that the country did not need TV as a medium and therefore only in 1976 was TV allowed. For 2 hours a day and with what can only be described as children’s programs.

Music was censored and only the music which the Censorship board deemed was suitable for the people was allowed. The Beatles were banned as being undesirable.

To show you how powerful Censorship was inSouth   Africa.South Africawas at war with the Cubans inAngola. There was a complete military mobilization, yet the news did not contain one word of what was going on. The normal South African public was not even aware of the war until news from outsideSouth Africatrickled in to the country. Three months after the war was started.

That is the CENSORSHIP I grew up with.


TheAmericathat I have grown to love impressed me with all the freedoms that existed here. I was for the first time in my life allowed free thought.

All this free thought has made me appreciate all the freedoms we have. Especially the fight to ensure our CONSTITUTIONAL American freedoms.

Possibly I can see the manipulation more clearly coming from HSUS than any born American and to see how powerful and dangerous this group have become. They threaten our American way of life and have become emboldened by the POWER they have been able to create and USE.

Certain segments of our population have created this Dangerous Adversary and it will be up to you and I to control or eradicate it.

HSUS is not the protector of the FUZZY CUTE BUNNY as they would have you believe. They are a power hungry Political Organization. With HSUS first it was the money and the money has enabled them to wield their power over others.


The HSUS are trying to make me a criminal. I am not a criminal because I love my chickens.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson also chose to keep American Game Fowl. I believe they were the Fathers of our countryAmerica. Not criminals.

I do not do drugs or break the law in any way. At 62 years of age some may call me an old man.

The HSUS manipulated politicians and the laws they created and are creating now try and tell me where I may travel with my show chickens.

Draconian over legislated laws can and I must assume could criminalize me if some lawman decides my American Game Fowl are travelling from one State to another breaking some law when in fact I am not.

Once charged with one of these new over legislated laws it will cost me my life’s savings to prove my innocence.

Censorship is surely alive and well inAmericaif merely having a Cockfighting magazine like Grit and Steel or The Gamecock or the Feathered Warrior can end up having me charged for having Cockfighting Paraphernalia in my private home. What else is this but Censorship of what I am entitled to read.

What isAmericacoming to if my countryAmericatakes away my rights to keep the chickens of my choice. Then works out a way to criminalize me Then financially could ruin me with a Duke University “La Crosse” type law suit and if I am not really careful puts me in jail.

The South Carolina Attorney General is a voracious HSUS advocate and I personally heard him sing all the praises of HSUS at the House Hearing for Game Fowl last year inSouth   Carolina. A.G. Mc Master was doing his personal best to create a Felony Bill for Game Fowl inSouth   Carolina. Trying to criminalize me if some zealot decides to lay a trumped up charge against me.

Is the personAmericais at war with not named Bin Laden or something like that? IsAmericanot supposed to be currently involved in a war against Radical Islam? Are we not looking for a way to stopIranfrom making Nuclear bombs? Let alone try and stopNorth   Koreafrom using Nuclear weapons.

Why is my countryAmericaattempting or preparing to attack, make war on and criminalize Anthony Saville and all the other American patriots who choose to keep American Game Fowl.

The latest HSUS bill in both the USA Federal house and Senate would make it a Federal Felony to move what is loosely construed as Cockfighting Weapons or Paraphernalia from state to state. This is the worst type of CENSORSHIP imaginable. My right to read what I choose when I choose has been taken away from me. If I continue to subscribe to THE GAMECOCK, GRIT and STEEL, and THE FEATHERED WARRIOR my countryAmericacould put me in jail and criminalize me.

FEDERALLY IMPOSED CENSORSHIP!! What has happened to our constitution.

Anthony Saville


The American Game Fowl Society is a Gamefowl show organization that fights for Gamefowl ownership and the right to show chickens. The American Game Fowl Society does not necessarily share our beliefs on the Gamecock or its heritage, but they want to save the Gamecock from the Animal rights Extremists and extinction.

Gamecocks Unlimited

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