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Cockfighting laws place a higher value on chickens than human lives

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on May 16, 2012

Cockfighting laws place a higher value on chickens than human lives.

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 7:24pm ·

Cockfighting Laws endanger human lives to fill HSUS bank accounts:

Recently I read a newspaper journalist’s (Kate Harrison) article the “timesfreepress” in TN that described cockfighting as “a tradition as ingrained in some rural communities as friday night football”. And “a social event with children consistently present”. The HSUS investigator admitted that the majority of people at the fights are good old boys and polo-wearing guys who just enjoy the sport and some are Doctors and Lawyers” and another person said “they’re not a bunch of crooks they’re tax paying property owners who have been brought up with cockfighting”.  Finally an honest description of cockfighters from the HSUS’s own paid investigator gets printed in an unbiased newspaper by an honest journalist.

Sociology Professors William C. Capel of Clemson University and Professor Clifton Bryant, of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, conducted a national study of cockfighters and described cockfighters as “rural highly Patriotic Americans, mostly middle class, christians, family oriented, solid pillars of the community”. They found that “gambling is NOT the, be all, end all of cockfighting, gambling is NOT as intense or on the scale that accompanies other sports and is not the driving force behind cockfighting.”

They also point out that people engaged in a behavior that is so strongly rooted in history with such a long lasting tradition are very unlikely to cease their activity no matter what efforts are made to deprive them of it and the only real effect of criminalizing this activity will be to create criminals of otherwise law-abiding taxpayers.

I am a cockfighter and we are the people that the urban voters and urban legislators in Oklahoma are willing to see killed if necessary to force their opinion against cockfighting on us to defend a chicken that the Humane Society will then get paid to kill.

Every raid by law enforcement officers endangers human lives; this is just an inherent fact. Raids to deprive cockfighters of our culture, heritage, and pursuit of happiness, liberty, our animal agriculture industry and our property create a danger to our lives and to then give our property to the Humane Society so they can get paid for destroying it is a violation of our civil rights and the eminent domain laws of the USA.

The HSUS has intentionally misrepresented cockfighters for more than 50 years in their controlled media assault against the gamefowl industry. They have described the cockfighters as barbarians, drug addicts, drug pushers, low life scum, rednecks, hardened criminals, rapists, and child and spouse abusers. They have lied to the urban people, groomed and in some cases intimidated legislators to enact cockfighting laws in every state using the fabricated pretense of defending a chicken. This complete falsehood is exposed with every raid of a cockfight where as the law enforcement officers hand over the gamefowl owners’ property to the humane society and they kill the chickens and charge the government for killing them. But their efforts to milk as much money as possible from every raid does not end there, they also publicize the raid and solicit more donations from the misled masses.

Their newest method of fattening their cash cow is their push for new laws which includes language within the law itself awarding the animal extremists with half (50%) of all fines imposed for every case in which anyone is convicted of animal cruelty and/or cockfighting that they provide any assistance with.

Now the HSUS is pushing to increase every misdemeanor law against cockfighting to felony laws. Of course what is left out of their argument for this is that the fines will be substantially higher and therefore they stand to put another source and more money into their already deep bank accounts.

The cockfighting laws are the financial foundation of their strength and provides the money for their political strength and power that is used to attack, vilify, misrepresent and criminalize the next animal sport and/or agriculture industry on their list of potential targets to reach their openly professed goal to place hunting and fishing in the same category as cockfighting (illegal) and abolish every animal agriculture industry in America.

When these actions are closely examined it is clear that what the HSUS has done and is doing is a violation of the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act and they are the central organization and sole financial beneficiary.

Our Congressional leaders must have the courage to step up and speak against the animal extremists at the Humane Society of the United States end their tax exempt status.

Our State Legislators must legalize the gamefowl industry and put an end to the HSUS’s ability to use us as their financial foundation to push forward their extremist’s agenda to destroy every animal agriculture industry in the USA. Currently rural Oklahoma residents trying to supplement our incomes and earn a living are finding our civil rights violated, our families attacked and ripped apart, our lives endangered, our property taken and our animal agriculture industry criminalized because of lies and misrepresentations of the Humane Society of the United States. I pray our state legislators will put an end this injustice and support for these well funded out of state animal extremists organizations and their ideology that places a higher value on a chicken than the lives of the men, women and children of rural Oklahoma.

Thank you,

US Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr


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