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Natural instincts of the gamecock and the love of the cockfighter for those traits explained.

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 9, 2012

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 2:15am ·

All chickens fight to establish dominance, territory and breeding rites. However gamecocks will not allow another chicken to dominate them. From which the word “game” comes to mean courage in the English language as well as many other dialects.

The comb and wattle are cut off the males to prevent freezing in colder climates and to ensure a fair fight as some gamefowl have large combs that fall over and hinder the line of sight of the bird during a fight.

Gamecocks are much more aggressive than your average barnyard chicken which has actually been genetically bred to get rid of this natural aggressive traits so they can be housed together with other males in the chicken houses.

Gamefowl are given extremely good care for their entire life. They reach full maturity at two years old but will come game at about 6 to 12 months old and begin to fight at this time they must caught up, penned and housed separately from that day on. Once the males reach this level of maturity they can never be put together again or they will fight until one or both are dead.

The natural spur is usually removed and an artificial spur attached to ensure a fair contest. Some cocks have large spurs while some have small spurs. The gaff is shaped like the natural spur of the average gamecock and is usually fashioned according to this standard. Being made of steel it also allows for faster fights and quicker healing time if a bird is injuried but not killed. Kind of like the difference of your doctor operating on you with a scapel versus his thumb nail.

During the fight it is actually a 3d event. They are flying, moving, above, below and around the other bird, while trying to hit the other bird with their natural spur (or weapon) without being hit by the other cock.

Gamecocks are incredible birds, decendants of the wild jungle fowl of Malyasia and will fight to the death in the wild even if they never have human contact, it is their natural instinct. Just as the BETA “chinese fighting” fish fights to the death through no human influence. You can’t drug, force or train the BETA fish to fight to the death just as you can’t drug, force or train a gamecock to fight to the death.

Cockfighters simply perpetuate, admire and honor the natural genetic traits of atheletic ability and couage that God put into the jungle fowl “gamecock” when he created it.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr


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