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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012


Subtly without you even being aware of it your rights to co exist are being taken from you. The urban sprawl has created a sub culture of people. They think that money buys them the right to impose their lifestyle and culture on the rest of the community. So far they are beating the stuffing out of rural America. Worse still we are allowing it to happen.

If you do not have enough proof of this power shift take HSUS and what they have achieved over the last 5 years. This HSUS money-raising machine has bought itself immense political power.

Whether we like the HSUS or not we had better learn a few lessons from them or our demise is surely sealed.

Lesson 1 We are not going to beat them by defending ourselves. To our detriment we did this in the past. Half hearted half funded court cases do not work we now know that. American justice is what you are able to afford to buy.

Lesson 2 Money is what makes HSUS so successful. Not their political platform. Money has bought them influence. HSUS are a masterful fund raising organization. How many of your acquaintances that you know donate to HSUS. They think it is the local animal shelter Every pet owner is manipulated into donating to the HSUS. If it is not the pet food company it is the pet vet company.

Lesson 3 Get in peoples faces. Yes we are not even going to get to round 2 if we play the nice guys. Stand up for our rights. We are a political and financial force and we are going to have to use it.

Lesson 4 Use the media. We are going to have to use every opportunity to be seen and noticed. The Internet is of paramount importance USE IT. The Internet is where normal people can develop a High Profile.

Lesson 5 Use the media again and again! The ARA’S are falling over themselves to tap into the media frenzy with this Michael Vick guy and his alleged escapades. This is Money with a capital M! Sympathy money for the HSUS/SPCA/LCA/PETA and they are all in a media feeding frenzy. Guess who NIKE are going to pay off.

Lesson 6 Do not let other people do it. Now we really see what this has brought us BIG TROUBLE. You can make a difference get out there and do your part to make it happen. You have seen the HSUS volunteers manning little tables with Propaganda all over them. We are going to have to man some little tables with Propaganda on them. Our brand of Propaganda.

Lesson 7 It is no use fighting or complaining after the fact. Once your rights have been taken from you the chances of you ever regaining them is nominal. Show me one case of Animal Rights being reversed in America ever. The saying is active not retroactive.

Lesson 8 The HSUS agenda is not about Cock fighting,Dog fighting or the right to utilize horse meat it is about Veganism. Coming up next is Hunting, Fishing and your right to eat any meat whatsoever. Never, you might say. Then consider this. Possibly you might have been a consumer of horsemeat. If you were your rights have been taken away by HSUS already. Goats, sheep, cattle and poultry are only a small step away.

 Lesson 9 The poultry industry is fragmented. The Poultry show industry especially. There are 3 different showing organizations each sitting back and finger pointing at the other 2 saying it will not happen. The sooner the AGFS, APA and ABA get together and plan a joint strategy the better. The APA and ABA seem to think that Game Fowl legislation does not apply to their Old English and other Game breeds. Unfortunately for them it does apply and they can lose their fowls so easily.

Lesson 10. You don’t really want to hear about this negative stuff. This is exactly why HSUS is the powerhouse that it is. They are so manipulative that they know that the General Public are complacent. Just look at the heap of trouble complacency has bought us. The time to fight back was yesterday but today’s fight will help.


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