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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal right extremists will try to tell you that the Gamecock is the same as any other chicken. They say that game-fowl, if not given training or special drugs, will behave just as other poultry in regards to aggression, they are 100% wrong. Most all chickens will set up a pecking order and in setting up this pecking order birds will fight and can get puncture wounds, broken bones, and pierced eyes if the spurs aren’t cut or covered with muffs. This can also happen if you bring a new rooster into your flock so be careful. The Gamecock on the other hand will not submit to a pecking order once they reach a certain age, this is why they will fight to the death and have to be penned by themselves.  This is the Nature of the gamecock.

At some point before they are a year old, the gameness that God provided them with will take charge, and these individuals will forget about pecking orders, and seek the destruction of every other male in the flock. Inevitably, the scene will become violent and bloody as the young males begin to become aggressive, this could happen before you, or anyone else notices the situation.  All you can do is watch for any behavior that warrants separating them. This is why you see Gamecock breeders with tepees, hundreds of square or round pens or those blue or white barrels all in their yards with roosters tied to them.  The Gamecock is not like any other breed of chicken and anyone that tells you they are is telling you a lie.  These young warriors will be simply following their instincts, and following their destiny that was predetermined from the moment that the egg was laid.

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