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The gamecock harvest industry

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The gamecock harvest industry brought in more than $113,000,000.00 annually to Oklahomas rural areas. It is vital for Oklahoma’s survival to bring the gamecock harvest industry (cockfighting) back to rural Oklahoma and we need constitutional minded legislators and elected leaders that possess the courage to stand up and do so.

Those elected officials so obviously willing to trample the constitution to please animal rights extremists, well funded out of state special interests organizations, UN Agenda 21 supporters and put chickens above human lives become very transparent when forced to publicly take sides on the cockfighting issue.

Remember Brad Henry in 2004 and Jari Askins in 2006 and Drew Edmondson in 2010. Rural Gamecock owners have the voting strength to get rid of every United Nations Agenda 21 supporting sellout at our state capitol if we will use the gamecock industry to unite and energize them into political action.

It really is very clear choice:

Option 1, Oklahoma’s elected officials support and defend our Constitution, American citizens rights, freedoms and agriculture industries and our rural farmers and ranchers lives.

Option 2, Oklahoma’s elected traitors support and defend the animal rights extremists, special interests organizations, chickens rights and the UN Agenda 21 destruction and take over of America.

Clear enough for everyone?

The criminalization of the gamecock harvest industry was brought about by a corrupt animal extremist organization working with political cronies and a corrupt Oklahoma Supreme Court Judge named James Winchester.

The gamecock harvest industry is just that an animal agriculture industry, farmers and ranchers attempting to earn a living and provide for our families by harvesting our livestock in the same method of harvest gamecocks have been harvested in for more than 3000 years the same method of harvest that gamecocks are being harvested by in many countries around the world today.

Every raid by law enforcement officers creates a situation where law enforcement officers may have to kill a human being. That is an inherent and obvious fact with the enforcement of every law, traffic stop, domestic disturbance call, drug enforcement raid, and every cockfighting raid. There have ben 10 cockfighting raids in Oklahoma from 2004 through early 2010. We started going public with our ads in Dec 2009 and since that time cockfighting raids have stopped.

Because our legislators and law enforcement officers have recognized that the cockfighting law is unconstitutional and endangering rural Oklahomans lives using the excuse of defending chickens. It’s about time our legislators take the next step, display the common sense and courage to uphold their oaths of office “to support and defend the Constitutions of the State of Oklahoma and the United States” and repeal this unconsitutional law, bring this important agricultural industry back to Oklahoma and end the danger to rural Oklahoma farmers and ranchers lives over chickens.

In Oklahoma too many urban people put a higher value on chickens and advocate sending law enforcement officers out to make raids and create situations where law enforcement officers may kill a rural Oklahoma gamecock owner (farmer and rancher) using the excuse of defending the farmer’s livestock (chickens) to stop the Oklahoma farmer from harvesting his livestock.

Of course the chickens will be handed over to the animal rights extremists of the humane society so this corrupt organization can get paid to kill the same chickens for their economic harvest of the gamecock owners livestock (chickens).

While some of our apathetic wishy-washy legislators like OKC representative Kris Steele sit by and wait on rural Oklahoma farmers and ranchers to be killed using the excuse of defending chickens because they don’t have the courage to uphold their oath and defend the constitutional rights of Oklahomas’ rural gamecock (livestock ranchers and farmers) owners.

This fight is absolutely a fight against the direct implementation of United Nations Agenda 21. Everyone must understand that this was the initial step and where the legal precedence was established that is being used to destroy Americas agriculture industries by placing a higher value on chickens (animals) than human lives.

This is as unconstitutional as it gets and such an obvious violation of our Constitution it isn’t even remotely funny.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr


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