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Exposing the truth about the HSUS

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The truth about the Humane Society of the United States. ( HSUS)

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Thursday, December 8, 2011

Former UN Secretary General Maurice Strong called on the United Nations to “cause the collapse of America”.

Maurice Strong is a board member of the HSUS and founder of the “Agenda 21” a forty chapter document laying out the proposed policies for their agenda which is designed to achieve Maurice Strong’s goal to “cause the collapse of America.”

Maurice Strong advocates using non-government organizations like the HSUS to incrementally implement the policies in the agenda 21 proposal at the state and local level to ultimately achieve his goal to “cause the collapse of America”.

Any elected official that is NOT working to repeal every piece of legislation that the HSUS has ever brought about and/or supported is negligent in their duties or is a traitor supporting Maurice Strong’s efforts to “cause the collapse of America”.

America’s gamecock owners have the Constitutional right to own, possess and conduct a harvest of our livestock (in the 3,000 year old traditional and modern day commercial method of harvest) as we attempt to earn a living and provide for our families across America today.

Some people within our government are working along with Maurice Strong and the HSUS attempting to “cause the collapse of America” by destroying America’s agriculture industries.

Gestation crates for pigs laws in FL, CA, OR and ME have destroyed the swine farms in those states exactly as these laws were meant to do.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was used for the protection of the Delta Smelt minnow in CA resulted in shutting off the water to the Central Valley in CA which destroyed the agriculture industries and the economy of the entire valley exactly as it was meant to do.

The ESA protection of the Sand Dune Lizard is meant to destroy the Oil Industry across West TX, NM and portions of OK.

Prop 2 and the HSUS attack on the Poultry industry is meant to drive many of the smaller producers out of business and add costly measures to all poultry producers in CA which will drive up the cost to consumers and eventually destroy the agriculture industry.

In the 1980’s the Spotted Owl was used as a test case to decimate and try to destroy the logging industry  which was soon exposed for the environmentalist and animal extremists garbage that is truly is and the policy was drastically revised

The ESA illegally reintroduced wolves into the Northwestern United States and the ESA protections of wolves in the eastern U.S. have worked exactly as planned and designed by ensuring the wolves would grow to such numbers they would do exactly as the policy was meant to do = destroy sheep farmers’ flocks economically damage the cattlemen and the cattle industry in the broader effort to “cause the collapse of America”. Northwestern U.S.,,,,,,,,, and in the Northeastern U.S.

The laws criminalizing the harvest of gamecocks (cockfighting) across America today are also designed to “cause the collapse of America”.These laws are not meant to “save the chickens” as clearly shown by the fact that the chickens are killed after the raid. Even the HSUS president has stated that gamecocks are for fighting and can’t be harvested or used for any other purpose. These laws are meant to set a legal precedent “making it illegal to own and possess your livestock for the purpose and/or with the intent to harvest your livestock” and then create a danger to U.S. Citizens lives by sending out agents of the government “Law Enforcement Officers” on raids where these agents may possibly kill gamecock owners using the false justification of“protecting chickens”. In truth this absolutely proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that some officials within our government are “placing animals above human lives”.

If Americans would take the time to learn the truth and read the “Agenda 21” document and understand the real agenda of the HSUS “to cause the collapse of America” most Americans would never again donate to the smiling liar named Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS or support their legislative propositions or proposals to create legislation and laws.

Our legislators take the same oath our soldiers take when joining the military. Our soldiers die to uphold this sacred oath “to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic”, the HSUS is an enemy of America and our legislators need to have the courage to publicly stand up and expose their deception of the American people and repeal the policies and laws these animal rights extremists have brought about and/or supported that are being used to “cause the collapse of America”.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr



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