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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The Gamecock is a dying species.  If it were not for the cockfighters who have been testing and maintaining their bloodlines for so many years, they would have been extinct long ago. The only way to save the Gamecock is by testing him.

They test these birds to make sure the bloodlines stay strong and true, so our children can have these birds to admire in their life.  Here in Americawe have some of the most highly maintained strains in the whole world.  Exhibiting their Ancient Instincts to the fullest.

To protect these birds.  We need guaranteed rights, saying we are allowed to breed these birds, under federal law.  We need guaranteed land set a side for us to test our Gamecocks on.  In nature, these birds test themselves, in a more brutal cold fashion, as it is the only way to see who gets to lead the family, the gamest cock taking over the lead of the family.

Cockfighters do not ask for funding from taxes or from people.  They take from their own pockets to fund the well-being of the most beautiful, and courageous birds in the world.

Gamecocks require more care than a dog, cat, or even a barnyard chicken.  They have to stay separated from each other or they will kill each other, this making it difficult for people who know nothing about the Gamecock to take care of them.  The Animal rights groups have shown in the past that they would rather kill them off than to spend their money to care for them.  They would rather spend their time and money helping annihilate this Ancient Warrior from the face of the planet forever, very sad indeed.

Yet, we protect mice, White Owls, Eagles, Turtles, Plants, Trees and a whole host of other animals even over human livelihoods.  Yet they do not want you to protect the Gamecock, nor the people who have maintained the bloodlines for 1000’s of years, at no cost to anyone.

The way the modern world is trying to “protect” them is just not what is good for them, they are warriors, and they fight naturally in the wild


I challenge you to learn a textbook fact about Gamecocks each day for a week.  As you cannot look to the HSUS, and PETA as they misinform people on the subject, to advance their “socialist society” and “monetary gain”.

P.s If you think for one second the animal rights groups care about animals please look at Peta Kills Animals or research how much money the Hsus give to your local animal shelter.


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