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10 reasons we need to legalize Cockfighting

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 6, 2012

1. Legalizing Cockfighting is the only way to save the Gamecock from EXTINCTION.  THE ONLY WAY

2. It promotes brother hood, Rich Poor, Black White, Christian non Christian, Man Woman, Young old, American non-American.

3. Legalized Cockfighting would bring in millions in taxes, permits, and licenses, the money could go to social programs to take care of the elderly, children, disabled, Etc.

4. Legalizing Cockfighting would produce thousands more jobs like family run feed stores, hotel, gas stations, restaurants, farmers, Etc.

5. Legalized Cockfighting would put Human life and livelihoods above that of a chicken

6. Legalizing Cockfighting would free up the police force, the public defenders offices, and the judicial system, all of these resources could be better utilized pursuing and prosecuting violent offenders.

7. Legalizing Cockfighting would better serve the whole poultry industry, It would let the vast number of Cockers work with the USDA, State Agriculture departments, medical and poultry science departments to find better ways of disease control, In genetics research and the overall health in all poultry

8. It can’t be prevented: There’s a reason it’s called “one of the world’s oldest sports”.  It’s always been around, it always will be.  We might as well use it.

9. The laws are arbitrary and hypocritical: It’s okay to fish, hunt, trap, falconry, and to kill unborn babies.

10. They are private property Period!


One Response to “10 reasons we need to legalize Cockfighting”

  1. Oscar Hinojosa said

    Yes is great idea, to allow cockfighting. But yet we send our solider to fight for our freedom, and willing to die for it . Those that are against cockfighting you must be from, another planet.

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