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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 19, 2012

Gamecocks are forced to fight

Eating meat is unhealthy

That eating meat is primitive, barbaric, and arrogant

That serving a burger to your family, constitutes child abuse

The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration

That pets are better off without their owner

That animals should have the same rights as a retarded human child

That you must start viewing every cow, pig, chicken, monkey, rabbit, mouse, and pigeon as our family members

That research labs that tests on animals should be reduced to a bunch of cinders

That Humans have grown like a cancer

That there is a spark of hope in every broken window, every torched police car

That Crimes of compassion is something every animal advocate should support

If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then … make it up

That there’s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win

That you should never feel like we’re going too far in breaking the law

That Property damage, is not a violent act

That the people who died in the [9-11] attack did not suffer more terrible deaths than animals in slaughterhouses suffer every day

That Six million people dying in concentration camps, is the same as six billion broiler chickens dying in slaughterhouses

That animal’s feel like humans feel


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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 19, 2012

First I would like to say I thank Intent laws are some of the most unconstitutional laws ever.  They make you guilty before you ever do anything wrong or someone can say you are guilty of intent just because you own something that could be used in a crime.  They are finding you guilty of what they thank is in your mind.  No one can tell if someone is going to do something before he does it, he can change his mind at any time.  The only people intent laws should be used on is the people who make the laws.

Cockfighting was legal in parts of the USA up until around 2008 and when it became illegal a lot of cockfighters switched over to showing their birds because of the love they have for the Gamecock.  However, when they switched they did not switch the way they took care of their bird they use the same methods and medicine to get them ready to show as they did to get them ready to fight.  Why you may ask, because it is the best way

Everyone has the right to change laws and protest unjust laws

Anti-Cockfighting and intent laws are arbitrary and hypocritical: It is okay to fish, hunt, trap, falconry, and to kill unborn baby.

We will look at some of what the animal rights say proves intent to fight used against the Gamecock Breeders


     Cockfighting isn’t the only the only reason to cuts the roosters combs.  Under APA rules, any Modern gamecock or OEG that is not dubbed is disqualified from show competition.

The dubbing of game fowl (removal of the comb and wattles) is a practice followed by many in the poultry industry.  Dubbing is good animal husbandry and all poultry show rules call for it.  Dubbing prevents damage done by frostbite and provides better vision.  It reduces injuries incurred when the comb comes in contact with feeder and water grills, wires in cages and pens and since game birds are naturally pugnacious dubbing will prevent damage to the comb in the event of accidental contact with one another.

Dubbing also helps prevent the spread of mosquito borne illnesses.  The dubbing of gamefowl is in no way any indication of whether or not that bird is being used for fighting purposes.


     Game fowl will most often have their spurs trimmed as well.  This is also good animal husbandry.  Contrary to popular belief, this is not done to attach weapons.  The spurs are hard, pointed, and naturally very sharp.  Trimming of the spurs of male birds prevents laceration of the backs of females during mating.  Sometimes these injuries are severe enough to cause the death of the female and again game birds are naturally pugnacious cutting the spurs will prevent severe damage to each other in the event of accidental contact with one another.  The spur if allowed to grow can inhibit a cock’s ability to walk as well, resulting in straddle legs and occasionally in overgrowing back into the male’s leg.  Trimming also prevents injuries to humans, such as caretakers and judges during handling of the birds.  The spur is very porous and harbors millions of bacteria.  A slight scratch from the spur can result in a serious infection to a human.  To minimize the chance of injuries all show rules call for the spur to be trimmed as a safety precaution.


     I don’t care if the bottle has the words for cockfighting on it.  A lot of stuff was introduced into the poultry world by cockfighters and they are great for the health of any chicken.  Most health aides have the same things in them just called by a different name.  Gamecock wormer is the same as silky wormer; conditioning power is just vitamin powder, and vitamin k for Gamecocks is the same vitamin k you would take.  Vitamin k helps the blood to clot it would be helpful if you were Dubbing, cutting spurs, if your bird was attack by a dog or any other predators and you needed to control blood loss.  In the cockfighting world, it may be call stop leak, but it’s just Vitamin k.  If we start, putting people in jail because of the name of their chicken medicine we have went a long ways backwards from freedom.


     A lot of show competitions are weight classed so you in a scale to be sure you are not disqualified.  They come in handy if you are dealing with a sick bird, to keep track of weight gain or loss and most of all when in a free Country did scales become illegal.


     Health of an animal should be the most important thing to the animal rights mindset, but this isn’t necessarily so, they will use the fly pen, workbench, anything a breeder may do to exercise their bird the animal rights groups will try against them.  Exercise is one of the most important parts of any animal’s health.  Horse, Dog, Cat, and even hamster owners have ways to exercise their animals but heaven forbid that a chicken owner does.  The workbench gives the breeder a place to inspect, mediate, exercise, trim, cut spurs, or just spend time calming his birds for show or just because he likes spending time with his birds.

Fly pens with swing roosts and straw on the floor is the best exercise if you work hard and can’t spend a lot of time with you birds.  Free ranging in one of the best for a chicken’s health if you have the land and don’t have a lot of predators around.  I personally run my brood cocks though a keep just like you would if you were getting him ready to fight, just before I put them in my brood pens. I’ll also do young stags this way it is one of the best way to gentle them down. As far as I know it is not illegal in a free Country to exercise an animal or bird. The way I exercise my birds is not any ones BUSINESS or a way to prove I intend to fight them. Does exercising my Bluetick Coon Hounds or your Bird Dogs or your fluffy show dog show intent to fight? NO


     NO, when Cockfighting became illegal cockfighters that stopped fighting and switched to showing keep their gaffs it was and is part of their heritage some of these gaffs were handed down for generations. If I wanted to I could go to any hardware store and get what I need to make a set of gaff so outlawing gaffs is a waste of tax payer’s money.


     People raise hundreds of cattle, goats, horses, pigs, so why can’t Gamecock breeders. Some people like raising a lot of game fowl its hard work and good exercise. It could be one of the biggest Animal Agriculture Industries in theUSA.


     I never thought I would see a day in a Country that has a Constitution that protects our freedom of speech that what we read would or could be used to show intent. I have a RIGHT to read and study whatever I want to. These books have a lot of history in them. They have articles about feeding, breeding, health, general information on raising gamecocks and the history of the Gamecock and its breeders along with the histories of the different strains of game fowl. Having or reading these books or owning websites or blogging cannot prove intent when you have freedom of speech.

     The things listed above can only be used as intent, by corrupted animal rights groups, legislator, elected officials, law enforcement, Judges, and by very closed minded and hypocritical people.

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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 12, 2012

Monday, December 17th 2007 at 12:31pm by jimbeers

I have written several articles lately on animal ownership, animal use, animal “rights”, and all those radical (and many AWOL) groups that enable the use of these issues to subvert our government and way of life. The fact that these pieces have not avoided the “hot button” issues of dogfighting (i.e. the Michael Vick debacle) and cockfighting and horse slaughter has generated the need for further clarification. These issues, like the acceptance of unlimited sex education in the schools and the replacement of parental authority with education bureaucrats, lead to dramatic changes that are not positive and go far beyond the role of government as authorized in our Constitution. This piece responds to the accusation that I am no more than a mouthpiece for Americans that own or use or abuse animals as well as those Americans concerned about the centralization of governmental power and the abuses being wrought thereby.

Men (remember that I am in my 60’s and “men” in this context includes women as my grade school teachers so instructed) WRITE laws and ESTABLISH the societal authorities (governments) that maintain order in accordance with those laws in human communities.

Laws are based on the values and beliefs spelled out in the document(s) that ESTABLISH the government as adapted periodically by just laws that address emerging situations and needs WITHIN the latitude in the ESTABLISHING documents (in our case The Constitution of the United States of America as signed and ratified by the original 13 colonies during the period 1787 to 1791 when the first 10 Amendments known as “The Bill of Rights” were ratified and as subsequently Amended).

The history and rationale leading up to the ESTABLISHMENT of our government are explained in two places. First, the Declaration of Independence explained to the man-in-the-street WHY we were fighting ENGLAND (26 specific oppressions by England and her King were listed) and WHAT we expected to establish after our Independence was assured. We would found a “Government” “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” “to secure these rights”: the rights referred to were those they mentioned as “self evident” “endowed by their Creator” and “unalienable” and given to “all men” that were inarguably “created equal”. They specifically mentioned the three rights they evidently believed were the most important, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The second place where our form of government is clearly spelled out is The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, and the Constitutional Convention Debates. I recommend all of these documents to all Americans and others interested in the challenges of good government, freedom, rights, and the need for vigilant defense against forces that naturally form and reform to take control of others for their own purposes.

It is inarguable that the environmental and animal rights Movements are all about using government to destroy human rights under the pretext of “granting animals rights”; this is the exact opposite purpose of “securing these rights” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Look no further than the loss of property rights to endangered species decrees and the loss of controls over deadly and destructive predators like wolves and grizzly bears and cougars to animal protections that jeopardize human life and decimate human activities of all kinds.

This government that they formed and under which we live today, while often referred to as a Democracy, is in fact a Republic. The difference being that in a Republic there are certain guaranteed “rights” in the Constitution and Bill of “Rights” specifically that are not subject to whimsical votes or simple passage of laws or contradictory Court “findings”. In a Democracy, literally anything a majority votes for is the law of the land. In a Democracy, the popular notion that minorities and their rights are protected by “participating” is actually the exact opposite of the fact. In a pure democracy minorities have no “rights’ save what a majority and “their” government grant (like crumbs from the table to silence a whimpering dog).

Down through the ages men have worshipped animals like cats in Egypt or the mythical beasts in other pagan cultures. Some cultures believed that killing a fearsome animal made you more powerful or that eating a “wily” animal made you “smarter. Wild animals were domesticated to serve men as guards and to perform specific tasks as well as to eat and be pets. Men have enjoyed watching animals, catching animals, hunting animals, cultivating animals, watching and gambling on fighting animals, creating animal products from fur to jewelry, and utilizing animals for everything from needles (bone) to feathers and tails (decorations) to bed warmers on cold nights.

Some current religions like the Hindu religion enforce societal treatment of animals based on their beliefs that preclude the Christian biblical admonition for man to “have dominion over the animals”. Other religions like the Moslem religion hold that certain animals are to be avoided. Some like the Jewish religion prohibit the consumption of certain animals. In the past 35 years we have stopped all control, management, and use of marine mammals. Likewise, we have restricted and made hunting more difficult as we have also done to trapping. We have forced predators on rural communities and made it all but impossible to protect people and property from their depredations. In the midst of this we have created federal powers to ban cockfighting and horse slaughter and bullfighting and dogfighting while incrementally building federal powers to eliminate (as much?/all?) animal ownership and use as possible. No matter the emotional tug about how we “feel” about these things, the trend allaround us should disturb everyone. We openly lament the fact that while we profess to be disturbed about DOUBLE JEOPARDY (prosecuting in State AND Federal Court for the same crime, something we outlaw in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution – “nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb”) in the case of Michael Vick, it is OK in this case because “he deserves it”. Who’s next? If it is “OK” for Michael Vick, who is it not “OK” for?

There have been social “Movements” from the Anti-Vivisectionists in England 150 years ago to the PETA/HSUS et al “animal rights” Movement in the “Developed Nations” today that have sought by any means to utilize government laws and forcible compliance to impose their personal views of how Men & Animals are to be “allowed to interact”, if at all, on everyone else. These incremental “Movements” seek to change society, the scope of government, traditions, freedoms, rights, and human worth in ways that, while Democratic and perhaps permissible in Europe or Canada or Australia or practically every other nation, are NOT permissible in a Republic like the USA where the scope of government and the rights of citizens are specifically proscribed in the documents that ESTABLISHED the government.

There is NO MORAL Basis (as with murder, stealing, lying, etc.) for banning horse slaughter, or trapping, or cockfighting or dog fighting or hunting or fishing or rodeos or animals as medical subjects or the ownership of domestic animals or the control and use of wild animals or the exclusion of harmful animals from inhabited areas or any of the hundreds of human/animal interactions in the crosshairs of animal “rights” agendas. Under our form of government, these matters are and should remain under the jurisdiction and control of communities or Local governments in so far as possible. While the federal role should be to protect this Local or Community authority and to defend the national rights to things like private property and the use of public property, in fact in recent years the federal government has become just the opposite: a usurper of this authority to destroy these traditional freedoms and rights and the very heritage of the communities and states that make up this greatnation.

This usurpation of authority is happening in Europe with the continuing saga of European Market TO European Union TO circumventing the vote against a European Constitution by simply “word-smithing” a Constitution that politicians now claim doesn’t need voters to approve, only the politician’s signatures. This usurpation of authority is happening with the accession of national authority by the US to the UN to give many competitive nations advantages over the US by the use of “Treaties” and signed “Conventions as well as to give the “Developed Nations” power over the “Developing Nations”. Just as there are interlocking alliances between anti-gun and environmental and animal “rights” organizations in this trend; so too are the advocates of everything from The Law of the Sea Treaty to the Kyoto Protocols and the latest UN Indonesian Climate Summit all bound together for various agendas that ultimately boil down to larger and more powerful centralized governments that in reality combinethe worst of communism and capitalism to form tyrannies under faceless dictatorships.

Americans should not believe either that government is THE answer to every dilemma in life or that the guarantees in our founding documents and our guaranteed rights are dismissible for current imaginings. If there needs to be a theft of private property rights by government or “laws” that actually make “sacred” wolves, whales, sea lions, bears, baby seal products, etc.: the proper process is to change the Constitution. But that is not THE POINT for sensible Americans to keep in mind.

Believe it or not, I DO NOT support dogfighting nor would I ever attend such a spectacle. I would vote to prohibit such activity IN MY COMMUNITY. I would NOT support federal or even state prohibitions against dogfighting or cockfighting or horse slaughter. If certain communities; be they poor or affluent, minority or majority; consent to condone such activities in regulated environments, as repugnant as that may be, THAT IS THEIR RIGHT AND ROLE IN A REPUBLIC. If that right can be denied and eliminated because of the “feelings of many people”, what right is safe? Simply because it is admirable to treat all animals with the utmost consideration, does not mean that any and all means are therefore justifiable to force others to do so.

Does that mean those that are repulsed by such activity have no recourse? Of course not! You can avoid such places, you can tell your children to avoid them and why, you can tell neighbors and relatives and fellow churchgoers your beliefs and recommend alternatives or banning such activities in your community.

Does this mean that “your” “emotions” and “feelings” and “standards”, if strongly enough believed by most people, should be forced on all others nationally? If you say yes, then we are all ultimately doomed. Why? Because the very same rationale and illegal process can then be used to dictate what you may eat, where you may live, what sort of transportation you will be allowed, what sort of clothes you will be permitted, what sort of animal you will be allowed and how you must treat it, whether you hunt anywhere (including foreign lands), whether you may fish, and on and on ad infinitum (only the nation will implode before then).

While we have all cheered the banning of bullfights and cockfights and dogfights and horse slaughter by federal laws: they were and are the Pandora’s Box of the environmental and animal rights agenda that we see tumbling out all around us. I say “environmental” as well because it is the same process by many of the same groups that has led to destroying property rights for “endangered” species and the destruction of the management and use of natural resources on public lands in the name of “wilderness” and “native ecosystems”. These agendas and Movements are changing everything. We have been manipulated to despise our neighbors and to destroy what is good for our society because we do not share our neighbor’s values and traditions while we eagerly believe the propaganda all around us. Therefore, we tolerate the destruction of the rights of others under the mistaken impression that the destruction of their rights will stop with them; and we believe reports that catastrophic fires arecaused by Santa Ana winds and that energy resources should remain buried in the ground.

We have come to the point that we can no longer imagine that someone that opposes the Endangered Species Act can want to save species more than the Endangered Species Act zealot or bureaucrats. We deny the perfectly sensible rationale that managed and less abundant marine mammals, like similarly managed wolves and bears and cougars, are far more likely to be appreciated and persist farther into the future than the unmanaged populations of these animals all around us today. We no longer understand or accept the superior position of Man (be he an African native whose son is eaten by a crocodile or trampled by an elephant or a Montana sheep rancher watching protected bears and wolves destroy his family and livelihood) and the RESPONSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENT to protect man and his interests from animals – NOT vice versa. We shrug and fail to note that federal animal “welfare” laws have destroyed medical research, not only in this country but very likely internationally as the lion’s share ofsuch R&D was not only conducted in but was the product of the former freedoms and guaranteed property rights that have existed in this nation under our Constitution. Our Universities and “experts” (scientists, veterinarians, bureaucrats, and other radicals in mufti) respond like minnows to the flow of public and private money available to support these agendas. Our Politicians get votes and our state and federal bureaucrats gain power and bonuses and increased retirements from catering to these agendas.

Whether this is the result of affluence or the collapse of education and families or the loss of religious belief or just simply a Dark Age for reasons that only become clear after some cataclysm, I do not know. I do know that NOT speaking of these matters and NOT questioning what is going on is only contributing to making things worse. I ask all of you to consider what I am saying and to do what you can to try and save the governmental system that we are losing because, other than prayer, it is the only thing that I see that gives us any hope.

Jim Beers

17 December 2007

– If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

– This article and other recent articles by Jim Beers can be found at (Jim Beers Common Sense)

– Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority.

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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 15th 2008 by jimbeers


Explaining the misinformation and hidden agendas behind so much that passes for environmental and animal rights “progress” today is like criticizing public education or bureaucracy.  That is to say you are easily pigeonholed as “old-fashioned”, “ignorant”, “dangerous”, or simply a liar.  There is no end of numerous, wealthy, respected and powerful factions ready to marginalize you.  These groups tend to be the ones with a stake in the matter at hand and they always try to dismiss you on a personal basis, thereby avoiding either answering or publicizing your point.

For 35 years government bureaucrats (at first federal but now State and federal), academics, politicians, and powerful Non-Government Organizations have steered public opinion, legislation, and federal government growth based on environmental and animal rights propaganda.  They are all, to one extent or the other, propagandizes.  The word “discombobulate” means to “confuse, upset, or frustrate” and that is exactly what I strive to do to these propagandizes that are growing the government and destroying our freedoms and liberties for their own gain.  A few examples of the difficulties this involves might be useful to mention.

1.  Individuals and clubs that “Rescue” dogs or cats or birds or exotic pets are to be commended.  Their “humanitarian” concern for animals is something to admire.  When they lobby Local or State governments for assistance in their pursuits they are exercising an American freedom that we are all proud of.  But when, as often happens, the individuals or clubs begin to advocate legal restrictions, permits, licensing, health requirements, space requirements, specific law enforcement authorities, and their “own” enforcement officers with un-Constitutional authorities, and other such things to RESTRICT THE RIGHTS OF ANIMAL OWNERS: then the “Rescue” advocacy moves from a commendable activity to something to be opposed.

“Rescue” is but one of many of the facets of the animal “rights” movement that should concern all Americans.  “Rescue” groups are prominent at Animal Rights Conferences.  They, like other animal rights advocacy groups, do what they do FOR (THE?) (THEIR SPECIAL?) ANIMAL.  From “saving” housecats to “saving” beached whales, the mantra is that they are to be saved for their “own” sake, that is to say because the animal has a “right” that supersedes either human ownership or human decisions to limit them in any way.

Consider that these “Rescue” groups at the Animal Rights Conferences support the Animal Rights Agenda items to spread wolves everywhere and to “protect” bears and cougars from hunters.  Think about how the Rescue folks want to dictate everything I can or cannot do with MY dog, yet they are perfectly happy to support or just remain silent about wolves and bears and cougars THAT ARE KILLING AND HORRIBLY MAIMING THOUSANDS OF DOGS AND CATS EACH YEAR.  If it is OK for these wild animals to kill and maim dogs and cats (why else would they not object to spreading and protecting the wild animals causing the carnage?) then the REAL PURPOSE for all this animal “rights” and animal “protection” legislation must not be “for the animal” it must only be “to deny animal owners and users their rights and their traditional activities”.  What other conclusion can you draw?

For saying things like this I am characterized as “insensitive to animal welfare” and “against Rescue”.  Veterinarians, students, and other activists say very nasty and vile things about me and work very hard to stop me from gaining any audience.  That is to say the work to discombobulate my attempts at discombobulating their agenda.

Wolves and cougars and bears kill humans, kill livestock, depress big game herds to where there are insufficient numbers left to hunt, kill pets and working dogs, endanger old people and young people especially, endanger hunters and every sort of outdoor activity participant: all of this and more where their numbers and distribution are not managed consistent with the desires of local communities.  Where these large predators enjoy freedom from any human harassment, they grow bolder, more dangerous, and more destructive.  More so than any other wildlife from deer to foxes to turtles, decisions about whether to have such animals consistently in or near LOCAL COMMUNITIES; whether they should be allowed at all; in what numbers they should be maintained; and what persons can or should do when encountering them when they are threatening or doing damage to property: SHOULD BE PRIMARILY LOCAL DECISIONS SUPPORTED BY STATE GOVERNMENTS.  FEDERAL INTERVENTION SHOULD BE MINIMAL, IF AT ALL AND VOLUNTARILY ACCEPTED OR DECLINED.

For reiterating these principles of our heritage as citizens of this great nation regarding this very serious matter that affects growing community numbers nationwide; I am characterized as “right-wing and anti-government” or “ignorant regarding modern ecosystem thinking” or someone “who only wants to kill things” or as a “friend” of “North Carolina pig farmers” (why that is since I live in Virginia has always mystified me).  So any challenge to the damage to rural America and to hunting and ranching and rural lifestyles from these harmful animals goes largely unmentioned.  Facts and the dangers of precedents are dismissed, based on the faulty character of the objector.

(NOTE:  I had planned to describe two other examples but something has just come to my attention that must be mentioned.)

Each of us feels squeamish about killing animals to one degree or another.  That is why so few people go into butchering as a career these days.  The growing acceptance of imposing our “feelings” about animals on others is something that dare not be mentioned without being readily characterized as “cruel” and “insensitive”.  I was reminded of this recently as I spoke with my Pastor.  He is Irish but he has lived in the US for many years.

He asked me what I was writing about lately and I told him about animal uses and laws and government.  He observed that he had once gone to a bullfight and found it very cruel and barbaric.  He added that it should be done away with.  I asked him if he thought it immoral.  He thought a moment and answered no, it wasn’t immoral.  I then asked him if he thought there should be national laws against it when there are people that for many different reasons want to continue its availability.  Again he thought a moment and said no, I suppose not.  Then I said that while it was right and admirable to discourage animal uses we don’t agree with and to encourage others to do the same, it is not right to use the coercive power of government to deny rights and traditions to fellow citizens.  He thought again and said that was right.  He concluded by observing the ironic dichotomy in America today wherein we elevate the status of animals on the basis of purporting that they have rights while denigrating the right to life of unborn, aged, infirm, and depressed humans.

What just came across my desk was this:

Legislation has just been passed in Virginia making it a misdemeanor (1 yr. in jail and up to $2500 fine) for simply attending a cockfight and a felony (1 yr. in prison and $2500 fine plus loss of voting rights and 2nd Amendment rights) for participating in a cockfight. Or “permitting a minor to become involved” in a cockfight.  This legislation was fast-tracked through the Virginia Legislature on the heels of the Michael Vick case.  The Governor signed and nearly all legislators voted for its passage.  The Attorney General (who is running as a “Conservative Republican” for Governor) was especially active in pushing this legislation through the Assembly.  This is reminiscent of New Mexico Governor Richardson who did the same thing in New Mexico (where there is a large number of families with this tradition of cockfighting going back generations) right before he announced his candidacy for President.  Like the current infinitesimal differences between the Presidential candidates and national political Parties on environmental and animal issues: State politicians like their federal cousins readily sell out minority animal owner and user groups to gain support from the “feelings” of majorities.

I have never been to a cockfight and I have no desire to go to one.  I have spoken to groups and individuals that do breed, raise, train, and yes, fight THEIR OWN roosters or cocks or chickens or gamefowl or whatever you want to call them. Some can speak for hours about the genetic lines and traits that have fascinated them and their great-great grandfathers for centuries.  Others speak fondly of family members that raised and fought gamefowl and then fought in the Revolutionary War or the Civil War.  Some of their family histories go back to Vermont, others to Georgia and yet others to European homelands that their ancestors fled for America.  A Philippino steward on a cruise ship told me of two fighting cocks he bought in California and had sent to his wife and family north of Manila.  Hispanic immigrants from Central and South America have a widespread and ancient tradition of cockfighting.  South Asian and Oceania are likewise hotbeds of cockfighting, especially the Asian jungles from which cockfighting emerged eons ago.  In sum, the cockfighters I have met are family men and women from all walks and strata of American life.  They seem to be, without exception, proud retainers of family and cultural traditions that were once highly honored by American society from University mascots to symbols for brave fighting groups.

If you hunt or fish or trap or “attend” rodeos or wear fur or eat meat; you should consider what is being done here with chickens.  If it can be claimed that government at any level can “intervene on behalf OF THE ANIMAL”, the precedent is established that government can withdraw any property right or any animal use right FOR ANY REASON.  Deer or ducks are wounded and escape to die a “cruel” death, why not eliminate any hunting or right to hunt?  Fish suffer from being hooked and put on a stringer: why not eliminate fishing?  Trapped animals suffer from restraint: why not make trapping illegal not only for trappers but for “attending” (i.e. using fur)? Rodeo riders are accused of “hurting” animals: why not make rodeos illegal?  Livestock suffers from artificial diets and from the trauma of butchering: why not make butchering livestock illegal and even using meat illegal?  If you think any of this is farfetched I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  Ask the American horse owners that just saw Federal legislation pass making the slaughter of horses illegal and now there is a call to ban horse export since some of them may be slaughtered!  If Bill Richardson and the Virginia Attorney General can serve as gophers for the Humane Society of the United States’ agenda in order to get a popular vote; what minority group of animal users or rural lifestyles won’t they sell out?  Which of you believes you are immune?  That they will never “come after your animals or your animal use”?

How do you get through to Americans that this country is eating its freedoms and liberties when it considers it acceptable to ask our politicians to take away the rights of other Americans because we will “feel”?  This is simply dictatorship of the majority.  This is something we should all rightly fear.

Cockfighting is a matter for Local Government.  It is NOT something that the federal government should regulate at the behest of national majorities.  It is NOT something that State governments should run roughshod over to cater to urban population centers or areas of anti-animal use voters.  Cockfighting is a primary example of an activity that is a matter for Local Governments to permit or not and to regulate or not in line with community values.  The birds are private property and their use and disposition are under the purview of the owners.  The State has no more business dictating about the presence of a minor at a cockfight than it has to be giving them condoms or taking them for abortions without parental consent.  Regulate the noise, regulate the gambling, regulate the disposition of birds, regulate treatment of birds, regulate the locations, license locations, require police presence, assure that drugs are not available when the community (Town, County, or whatever) has sufficient interest in allowing the activity to take place.

This last example is perhaps the best one to point out how difficult it is to try and discombobulate the propagandizes.  We have become so accepting that “certain” animal uses “must” be made illegal nationally that we don’t think ahead.  The precedents that are set, the goals, the hidden agendas: all go more and more unmentioned.  Remember the “Rescue” model that “saves” dogs from you and me but encourages their horrific deaths from predators.  Think about the horse slaughter ban.  Ask yourself what difference there is between cockfighting and bullfighting and hunting and fishing and trapping.  Look at what these animal rights groups and environmental groups have wrought in 35 years.  Don’t forget how bureaucrats and politicians have benefited from all this and then look at the alliances between all three Presidential candidates and these very environmental and animal rights NGO’s.

Criticizing “Rescue” efforts does not make me anti-animal welfare.  Calling for management of all predators to make rural residents safe in their environs; to maintain big game herds; and to preserve livestock and commercial fisheries (from whales and seals) and domestic pets does not make me someone that just wants to kill things.  And explaining the dangers of federal and State intervention in the ownership and use of animals because of either the “feelings of a majority of voters or the purported “rights” of animals themselves does not make me a bad person.  When good works become an excuse to regulate others and force them to adhere to your beliefs, they must be shown to be merely excuse for oppression.  Discombobulating the propagandizes behind this oppression is a difficult task but a task that must be done.

Jim Beers

15 April 2008

– If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others.  Thanks.

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Natural instincts of the gamecock and the love of the cockfighter for those traits explained.

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 9, 2012

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 2:15am ·

All chickens fight to establish dominance, territory and breeding rites. However gamecocks will not allow another chicken to dominate them. From which the word “game” comes to mean courage in the English language as well as many other dialects.

The comb and wattle are cut off the males to prevent freezing in colder climates and to ensure a fair fight as some gamefowl have large combs that fall over and hinder the line of sight of the bird during a fight.

Gamecocks are much more aggressive than your average barnyard chicken which has actually been genetically bred to get rid of this natural aggressive traits so they can be housed together with other males in the chicken houses.

Gamefowl are given extremely good care for their entire life. They reach full maturity at two years old but will come game at about 6 to 12 months old and begin to fight at this time they must caught up, penned and housed separately from that day on. Once the males reach this level of maturity they can never be put together again or they will fight until one or both are dead.

The natural spur is usually removed and an artificial spur attached to ensure a fair contest. Some cocks have large spurs while some have small spurs. The gaff is shaped like the natural spur of the average gamecock and is usually fashioned according to this standard. Being made of steel it also allows for faster fights and quicker healing time if a bird is injuried but not killed. Kind of like the difference of your doctor operating on you with a scapel versus his thumb nail.

During the fight it is actually a 3d event. They are flying, moving, above, below and around the other bird, while trying to hit the other bird with their natural spur (or weapon) without being hit by the other cock.

Gamecocks are incredible birds, decendants of the wild jungle fowl of Malyasia and will fight to the death in the wild even if they never have human contact, it is their natural instinct. Just as the BETA “chinese fighting” fish fights to the death through no human influence. You can’t drug, force or train the BETA fish to fight to the death just as you can’t drug, force or train a gamecock to fight to the death.

Cockfighters simply perpetuate, admire and honor the natural genetic traits of atheletic ability and couage that God put into the jungle fowl “gamecock” when he created it.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr

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The gamecock harvest industry

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The gamecock harvest industry brought in more than $113,000,000.00 annually to Oklahomas rural areas. It is vital for Oklahoma’s survival to bring the gamecock harvest industry (cockfighting) back to rural Oklahoma and we need constitutional minded legislators and elected leaders that possess the courage to stand up and do so.

Those elected officials so obviously willing to trample the constitution to please animal rights extremists, well funded out of state special interests organizations, UN Agenda 21 supporters and put chickens above human lives become very transparent when forced to publicly take sides on the cockfighting issue.

Remember Brad Henry in 2004 and Jari Askins in 2006 and Drew Edmondson in 2010. Rural Gamecock owners have the voting strength to get rid of every United Nations Agenda 21 supporting sellout at our state capitol if we will use the gamecock industry to unite and energize them into political action.

It really is very clear choice:

Option 1, Oklahoma’s elected officials support and defend our Constitution, American citizens rights, freedoms and agriculture industries and our rural farmers and ranchers lives.

Option 2, Oklahoma’s elected traitors support and defend the animal rights extremists, special interests organizations, chickens rights and the UN Agenda 21 destruction and take over of America.

Clear enough for everyone?

The criminalization of the gamecock harvest industry was brought about by a corrupt animal extremist organization working with political cronies and a corrupt Oklahoma Supreme Court Judge named James Winchester.

The gamecock harvest industry is just that an animal agriculture industry, farmers and ranchers attempting to earn a living and provide for our families by harvesting our livestock in the same method of harvest gamecocks have been harvested in for more than 3000 years the same method of harvest that gamecocks are being harvested by in many countries around the world today.

Every raid by law enforcement officers creates a situation where law enforcement officers may have to kill a human being. That is an inherent and obvious fact with the enforcement of every law, traffic stop, domestic disturbance call, drug enforcement raid, and every cockfighting raid. There have ben 10 cockfighting raids in Oklahoma from 2004 through early 2010. We started going public with our ads in Dec 2009 and since that time cockfighting raids have stopped.

Because our legislators and law enforcement officers have recognized that the cockfighting law is unconstitutional and endangering rural Oklahomans lives using the excuse of defending chickens. It’s about time our legislators take the next step, display the common sense and courage to uphold their oaths of office “to support and defend the Constitutions of the State of Oklahoma and the United States” and repeal this unconsitutional law, bring this important agricultural industry back to Oklahoma and end the danger to rural Oklahoma farmers and ranchers lives over chickens.

In Oklahoma too many urban people put a higher value on chickens and advocate sending law enforcement officers out to make raids and create situations where law enforcement officers may kill a rural Oklahoma gamecock owner (farmer and rancher) using the excuse of defending the farmer’s livestock (chickens) to stop the Oklahoma farmer from harvesting his livestock.

Of course the chickens will be handed over to the animal rights extremists of the humane society so this corrupt organization can get paid to kill the same chickens for their economic harvest of the gamecock owners livestock (chickens).

While some of our apathetic wishy-washy legislators like OKC representative Kris Steele sit by and wait on rural Oklahoma farmers and ranchers to be killed using the excuse of defending chickens because they don’t have the courage to uphold their oath and defend the constitutional rights of Oklahomas’ rural gamecock (livestock ranchers and farmers) owners.

This fight is absolutely a fight against the direct implementation of United Nations Agenda 21. Everyone must understand that this was the initial step and where the legal precedence was established that is being used to destroy Americas agriculture industries by placing a higher value on chickens (animals) than human lives.

This is as unconstitutional as it gets and such an obvious violation of our Constitution it isn’t even remotely funny.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr

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Exposing the truth about the HSUS

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The truth about the Humane Society of the United States. ( HSUS)

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Thursday, December 8, 2011

Former UN Secretary General Maurice Strong called on the United Nations to “cause the collapse of America”.

Maurice Strong is a board member of the HSUS and founder of the “Agenda 21” a forty chapter document laying out the proposed policies for their agenda which is designed to achieve Maurice Strong’s goal to “cause the collapse of America.”

Maurice Strong advocates using non-government organizations like the HSUS to incrementally implement the policies in the agenda 21 proposal at the state and local level to ultimately achieve his goal to “cause the collapse of America”.

Any elected official that is NOT working to repeal every piece of legislation that the HSUS has ever brought about and/or supported is negligent in their duties or is a traitor supporting Maurice Strong’s efforts to “cause the collapse of America”.

America’s gamecock owners have the Constitutional right to own, possess and conduct a harvest of our livestock (in the 3,000 year old traditional and modern day commercial method of harvest) as we attempt to earn a living and provide for our families across America today.

Some people within our government are working along with Maurice Strong and the HSUS attempting to “cause the collapse of America” by destroying America’s agriculture industries.

Gestation crates for pigs laws in FL, CA, OR and ME have destroyed the swine farms in those states exactly as these laws were meant to do.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was used for the protection of the Delta Smelt minnow in CA resulted in shutting off the water to the Central Valley in CA which destroyed the agriculture industries and the economy of the entire valley exactly as it was meant to do.

The ESA protection of the Sand Dune Lizard is meant to destroy the Oil Industry across West TX, NM and portions of OK.

Prop 2 and the HSUS attack on the Poultry industry is meant to drive many of the smaller producers out of business and add costly measures to all poultry producers in CA which will drive up the cost to consumers and eventually destroy the agriculture industry.

In the 1980’s the Spotted Owl was used as a test case to decimate and try to destroy the logging industry  which was soon exposed for the environmentalist and animal extremists garbage that is truly is and the policy was drastically revised

The ESA illegally reintroduced wolves into the Northwestern United States and the ESA protections of wolves in the eastern U.S. have worked exactly as planned and designed by ensuring the wolves would grow to such numbers they would do exactly as the policy was meant to do = destroy sheep farmers’ flocks economically damage the cattlemen and the cattle industry in the broader effort to “cause the collapse of America”. Northwestern U.S.,,,,,,,,, and in the Northeastern U.S.

The laws criminalizing the harvest of gamecocks (cockfighting) across America today are also designed to “cause the collapse of America”.These laws are not meant to “save the chickens” as clearly shown by the fact that the chickens are killed after the raid. Even the HSUS president has stated that gamecocks are for fighting and can’t be harvested or used for any other purpose. These laws are meant to set a legal precedent “making it illegal to own and possess your livestock for the purpose and/or with the intent to harvest your livestock” and then create a danger to U.S. Citizens lives by sending out agents of the government “Law Enforcement Officers” on raids where these agents may possibly kill gamecock owners using the false justification of“protecting chickens”. In truth this absolutely proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that some officials within our government are “placing animals above human lives”.

If Americans would take the time to learn the truth and read the “Agenda 21” document and understand the real agenda of the HSUS “to cause the collapse of America” most Americans would never again donate to the smiling liar named Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS or support their legislative propositions or proposals to create legislation and laws.

Our legislators take the same oath our soldiers take when joining the military. Our soldiers die to uphold this sacred oath “to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic”, the HSUS is an enemy of America and our legislators need to have the courage to publicly stand up and expose their deception of the American people and repeal the policies and laws these animal rights extremists have brought about and/or supported that are being used to “cause the collapse of America”.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr


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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal right extremists will try to tell you that the Gamecock is the same as any other chicken. They say that game-fowl, if not given training or special drugs, will behave just as other poultry in regards to aggression, they are 100% wrong. Most all chickens will set up a pecking order and in setting up this pecking order birds will fight and can get puncture wounds, broken bones, and pierced eyes if the spurs aren’t cut or covered with muffs. This can also happen if you bring a new rooster into your flock so be careful. The Gamecock on the other hand will not submit to a pecking order once they reach a certain age, this is why they will fight to the death and have to be penned by themselves.  This is the Nature of the gamecock.

At some point before they are a year old, the gameness that God provided them with will take charge, and these individuals will forget about pecking orders, and seek the destruction of every other male in the flock. Inevitably, the scene will become violent and bloody as the young males begin to become aggressive, this could happen before you, or anyone else notices the situation.  All you can do is watch for any behavior that warrants separating them. This is why you see Gamecock breeders with tepees, hundreds of square or round pens or those blue or white barrels all in their yards with roosters tied to them.  The Gamecock is not like any other breed of chicken and anyone that tells you they are is telling you a lie.  These young warriors will be simply following their instincts, and following their destiny that was predetermined from the moment that the egg was laid.

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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

The Gamecock is a dying species.  If it were not for the cockfighters who have been testing and maintaining their bloodlines for so many years, they would have been extinct long ago. The only way to save the Gamecock is by testing him.

They test these birds to make sure the bloodlines stay strong and true, so our children can have these birds to admire in their life.  Here in Americawe have some of the most highly maintained strains in the whole world.  Exhibiting their Ancient Instincts to the fullest.

To protect these birds.  We need guaranteed rights, saying we are allowed to breed these birds, under federal law.  We need guaranteed land set a side for us to test our Gamecocks on.  In nature, these birds test themselves, in a more brutal cold fashion, as it is the only way to see who gets to lead the family, the gamest cock taking over the lead of the family.

Cockfighters do not ask for funding from taxes or from people.  They take from their own pockets to fund the well-being of the most beautiful, and courageous birds in the world.

Gamecocks require more care than a dog, cat, or even a barnyard chicken.  They have to stay separated from each other or they will kill each other, this making it difficult for people who know nothing about the Gamecock to take care of them.  The Animal rights groups have shown in the past that they would rather kill them off than to spend their money to care for them.  They would rather spend their time and money helping annihilate this Ancient Warrior from the face of the planet forever, very sad indeed.

Yet, we protect mice, White Owls, Eagles, Turtles, Plants, Trees and a whole host of other animals even over human livelihoods.  Yet they do not want you to protect the Gamecock, nor the people who have maintained the bloodlines for 1000’s of years, at no cost to anyone.

The way the modern world is trying to “protect” them is just not what is good for them, they are warriors, and they fight naturally in the wild


I challenge you to learn a textbook fact about Gamecocks each day for a week.  As you cannot look to the HSUS, and PETA as they misinform people on the subject, to advance their “socialist society” and “monetary gain”.

P.s If you think for one second the animal rights groups care about animals please look at Peta Kills Animals or research how much money the Hsus give to your local animal shelter.

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In Defense of Gamefowl Ownership & Use

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on February 8, 2012

Dear Fellow Animal Owner:

My name is Jim Beers and I try my best to defend our rights to own and use animals whether they are public property held in trust for all of us like the waterfowl I hunt at every opportunity or private property like the beef I eat or the dog in my home. I am asking you to consider joining and supporting your State Gamefowl Breeders Association and the National Gamefowl Breeders Association.

Gamefowl husbandry and the culture and tradition it represents are every bit as worthy of defending as is duck hunting and all the culture and traditions it has given us.  Simply put; the gamefowl traditions, like trapping, are prime emotional targets of those who would destroy all animal use and ownership be it for food or sport or any other use.  Uninformed urban voters and politicians seeking perpetual reelection are “useful idiots” (to quote Lenin) for the Non-Governmental Organizations that make millions of dollars and share in new power as they get laws passed that restrict, then regulate, and then eliminate animal use and all the traditions and benefits that go with them. Here inVirginiathe recent State laws making gamefowl sport punishable more so than wife beating, and then criminalizing allowing a minor to attend a gamefowl event should be a wake-up call for all Americans.  Trappers, hunters, fishermen, cattlemen, poultry growers, and many other animal users should understand that these precedents will soon be used on them.  For instance, the richest racing horse owners recently got Federal legislation passed banning horse slaughter by any American horse owner because they (the rich guys) treat their horses like “pets”.  Ironically, that meant nothing when the #2 horse in the Kentucky Derby broke both front ankles at the finish line: the cries are going out to “ban” horse racing because the radicals we are facing do not recognize either common sense or tolerance or friendships.

It takes money, cooperation, publicity and lobbying to stop new laws and rescind bad laws.  Gamefowl should only be regulated at the Local level but the radicals force all of us to work at the State and Federal level with the politicians, courts, and bureaucracy.  I believe that as gamefowl breeders go; so goes all animal property and all of the associated rights and freedoms we cherish in The United States of America.  For all these reasons I have recently joined the Virginia Gamefowl Breeders Association and the United Gamefowl Breeders Association.  Won’t you join me on the front lines of the fight to keep our animals and our American liberties?  Please sign up and participate in defending our rights; otherwise we will lose them for sure.

If you, like me have never attended a gamefowl event but you understand the importance of not allowing the radical groups to set these precedents that will soon enough be used on you: join your State Gamefowl Breeders Association and the United Gamefowl Breeders Association because they need your help. (PS  Neither Association supports the use of knives and they both support health inspections to prevent the spread of disease.)  Go to for more information and the address of your State Association.

Thanks for your help; you will help more than you know by drawing a line in the sand for all those determined to eliminate your rights associated with animal ownership and use.

Jim Beers


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